Date: 07 Jun 2010


There is a parallel between the establishment of Israel and Pakistan. ////////////////// Both States came into being within a year of each other soon after the end of World War 2. That is where the similarity ends./////////////// The Jews after suffering persecution and holocaust over centuries were, indeed, entitled to have at least ONE State on earth to ensure their survival.///////////// Islam in India on the other hand, was the State religion of that country from 1192 when the Turks captured Delhi till 1857 when the last Muslim Emperor, Mohammed Bahadur Shah Zafar, was ousted from Delhi by British East India Company. All that time the Muslims were the absolute rulers of the entire sub continent with the natives (Hindus) driven to impoverishment. Thus there was no need for yet another Islamic republic on earth at the cost of India. //////////////// Non Muslim minorities in Pakistan were WIPED OUT within weeks. Two million Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered outright and 15 million forced out of their homes as refugees. Thus in a very short time Islamic Pakistan had got rid of her non Muslim population. //////// The Jews in Israel, on the other hand, did not wipe out the non Jewish population in Israel in the same brutal manner. Is that why they are still suffering attacks on land and from sea? ////////////// It is noteworthy that while the Palestinians are very keen to go back to their homes in Israel NO Hindu or Sikh refugee from Pakistan dares to go back, only to be killed by frenzied mobs immediately on the sot.//////////////// Is Israel taking the punishment for being kind and merciful? ///////////////// 7 June 2010 ========== 000000000