Date: 13 Jun 2010

Comment ALL INDIANS FROM "BROKEN BHARAT" (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) OUGHT TO RECALL THE BRUTAL MUTILATION OF THEIR OWN DEAR MOTHERLAND AT THE SO-CALLED "PARTITION", WHEN TWO MILLION WERE SLAUGHTERED AND FIFTEEN MILLION FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES./////////// INDIANS ARE STILL THE SLAVES AND THE TIMID, COWARDLY, APPEASING, DISGUSTINGLY SELF NEGATING LOT, WHO NEITHER EDUCATED THEIR OWN CHILDREN ON THE TREACHERY & COWARDICE OF GANDHI AND NEHRU, THEIR TOP LEADERS, NOR THE AMERICANS ON THE BRUTALITY OF SEPARATIST INTOLERANT MOHAMMEDANS. //////////////////// THE INDIANS LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF THE OTHERS' LABOUR, STRUGGLES AND SACRIFICES, OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN THE BEST WITNESSES TO THE BLOODSHED AT THE PARTITION OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND ON THE UNCONDITIONAL (UNCONDITIONAL) SURRENDER OF FIVE PROVINCES OF INDIA TO THE ISLAMIC "BEASTS" OVERNIGHT IN 1947? /////////////// HENCE IT IS THE FOREMOST DUTY OF THESE DEFEATED SMASHED SELF-NEGATING INDIANS TO INFORM AND EDUCATE THE AMERICANS ON THE DANGERS OF HAVING MORE MUSLIMS AND ALLOWING THEM TO BUILD MORE MOSQUES IN THEIR COUNTRY. ///////////// SHOULD THEY NOT KNOW OR REALISE THAT WHEN THE MUSLIM MORONS INCREASE THEIR NUMBERS & CLOUT IN AMERICA THEY (THE INDIANS) THEMSELVES WILL HAVETO PACK UP AND RUN FOR LIFE (AS THEY DID FROM LAHORE, KASHMIR AND EAST BENGAL) OR BE CONVERTED, ABDUCTED, RAPED AND SLAUGHTERED LIKE THE SHEEP? ///////////////// HENCE WE EXPECT HONOURABLE "GOPIO" TO TELL ALL THEIR MEMBERS AS WELL AS THE INDIANS AT LARGE TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THOSE BRAVE & PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WHO ARE OPPOSING THE CONSTRUCTION OF THIS MOSQUE IN NEW YORK. /////////////// IF THEY DO NOT DO SO NOW, POSTERITY WILL REGARD THEM TWICE DESPICABLE (TREACHEROUS) LOT WHO DID NOT SUPPORT SECULARISM IN AMERICA, HAVING DUMPED IT IN INDIA.////////////////// ---------------------------------------///////// THE PROPOSED MOSQUE WILL BE LIKE THROWING SALT IN AMERICA'S OPEN WOUNDS. ////////////// ALL TOGETHER, PLEASE SHOUT, "NO!" TO IT. MAY THE PEOPLE OF UNITED STATES PREVAIL UPON THEIR WEAK & APPEASING ADMINISTRATION. ////////////////// With a close observation of 1400 year long history one dare say that "ISLAM IS FRAUD, DECEPTION and SURPRISE ATTACK". /////////////// In this context each and every ISLAMIC Republic was the result of the MUSLIMS attacking or invading, killing, raping and finally subjugating all those decent, liberal, secular, tolerant and CIVILISED humans who opposed Mohammed, and later, his followers' brutality, intolerance, separatism, fascism and totalitarianism. /////////////// Each and every Islamic Republic is the most serious violation of universal human rights and proves the inability of all the civilised righteous people, including the UNO, to recover these lands for amicable and peaceful civilised life on this planet.///////////// The United States is the world's super power, the guardian of liberty and supporter of human rights and women's dignity. Now she herself has come under attack- LIKE INDIA. ////////////// Inch by inch, step by step, one by one she is weakening, decreasing, losing, retreating and falling- LIKE INDIA. /////////// She is forgetting the highest ideals she once upheld and the mightiest of the brutal & intolerant forces on earth that she confronted and defeated. Free world owes its survival to American contribution to defeat the Axis Powers in 1940's and the defeat of the TALIBAN GOVERNMENT in Afghanistan in 2001. ///////////// But today the ENEMY WITHIN is gnawing on her unity, spirit and vitality, and spreading like the cancer cells./////////// Freedom is under attack in America due to increase in Muslim numbers, their daring and provocation. The enemy quotes the Koran very selectively but conceals completely the PREDATORY nature of Mohammed, their Prophet, to lull the Americans into deep slumber. ///////////// New York administration had heavy weight of solemn responsibility towards the DEAD OF TOWERS and had to ask the MUSLIMS to erect a MEMORIAL to the dead instead of allowing them to build a mosque that will become a permanent threat to its peace and social cohesion. ///////////// How long will the fraudulent sugar-coated message of peace and reconciliation come out of this mosque? Perhaps one month or even a year? What after that? ///////////// After that it will become a place of intensive "tableegh" (conversion drives), haven for extremists and terrorists and centre of distribution of literature to undermine American values of secularism and tolerance! ///////////// WHAT ELSE?, IF THERE WILL BE THE SAME BOOK IN IT THAT IS READ BY THE TALIBAN, AND THE AL QAIDA, AND ALL THE PAKISTANIS? ///////////// Americans, WAKE UP BEFORE the mosque is complete and functioning. Once it is up and running it will be NO use protesting. //////////// Your President, (literally) Son of a Muslim, represents most smartly and surreptitiously the DECEPTION inherent in Islam. He is there to facilitate and support the rise and spread of Islam in America. He has already called it as one of the "native" religions of America! When Pandit NEHRU of India said that of Islam in India they kicked him in the teeth and REDUCED his India territorially by one third. /////////// We ought to start a MASS MOVEMENT and give it a boost and MOMENTUM to nip the idea of the new mosque in New York in the bud. The day it is complete the US will no more be the champion of the slaves. She will be a much reduced and a smaller country unable to be the Guardian of Freedom and Liberties anywhere on earth with herself caught in the shackles and handcuffs of Islam. ///////////// - 13 June 2010.///////// ================== 000000000