Date: 13 Jun 2010


The cradle of the Civilization, that is India //////////////////// "The cradle of the Civilisation, that is India." O YES? /////////////////// Now let us see the demoralised slavish Partitioned India that NEVER GREW UP after dumping the boast of "AKHAND BHARAT". //////////////// INDIA THAT IS PARTITIONED. ALL HER ARMED FORCES COULD NOT DEFEND LAHORE NOR CAPTURE NORTH KASHMIR. ///////////////// BHARAT THAT IS BROKEN WITH AN ARM AND A LEG SEVERED FROM BODY. //////////////// THE "INFANT FROM CRADLE" NEVER GREW UP. Her parents were killed at PARTITION along with the TWO MILLION others and she was handed over to a MUSLIM NURSE to bring her up. The nurse did not tell the child a word about Sri Krishna, Sri Rama or Guru Gobind Singh but raised her in confusion as a MONGREL, professing ALL creeds, beliefs, faiths and religions. Ask one, "Are you Hindu?" and see him shrink. //////////////// The infant from cradle that could not pass on her civilisation even to neighbouring Pakistan, Afghanistan or East Bengal. /////////////// WHAT SHE CONSTRUCTED SHE COULD NOT DEFEND. /////////////// SHE WAS ATTACKED AND INVADED BY FOREIGNERS TEN THOUSAND TIMES IN A THOUSAND YEARS. //////////////// INDIA THE ORPHAN THAT IS NOW IN THE LAP OF AN ITALIAN BORN MOTHER. ///////////////// INDIA THAT HAS NO IDENTITY AS A HINDU NATION. //////////////// INDIA THAT KEPT THE CANCER CELLS AFTER FIVE OF HER PROVINCES WERE AMPUTATED AND CAST AWAY DUE TO ISLAMIC CANCER IN 1947. ///////////////// INDIA, THE INFANT, WHO HAS NO MEMORIAL TO ALL HER DEAD. ///////////////// INDIA THE INFANT THAT CANNOT SHAKE OFF THE SHACKLES OF ONE (Nehru) DYNASTY. The next prime minister will be RAHUL GANDHI who will import his wife from Venezuela just like father who brought one from Italy. ////////////////////// INDIA THE INFANT THAT CANNOT TRY ANY CORRUPT MINISTER INCLUDING THE NOTORIOUS BOFORS CHOR. ///////////// INDIA THAT PUTS URDU ABOVE HINDI. /////////////////// INDIA THAT CANNOT SUPPORT HER OWN NATIVE LANGUAGES OR THE SANSKRIT LANGUAGE. ///////////////// INDIA THAT DOES NOT LIFT A FINGER WHEN THE INDIANS ABROAD ARE MASSACRED, KILLED, BEATEN UP, ROBBED OR ROBBED, E.G., EAST BENGAL, AUSTRALIA, UGANDA, MALAYSIA AND FIJI. //////////// INDIA THAT CANNOT EVEN ENSURE SAFETY OF HER OWN HINDUS IN SRINAGAR. //////////////// INDIA THAT CANNOT RAISE HER OWN EQUIVALENT OF THE VATICAN, i.e., HER OWN GREAT NATIONAL SYMBOL OF PRIDE IN AYODHYA. ////////////// INDIA THAT ALLOWED THE SACRED JANAMASTHAN OF GURU NANAK DEV TO GO UNDER THE FLAG OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA. ////////////// INDIA THAT DARE NOT SEND A HINDU AMBASSADOR TO RIYADH IN SAUDI ARABIA. ///////////// INDIA THAT DOES NOT CELEBRATE ANY VICTORY BY HER OWN ARMIES THROUGHOUT HISTORY. ///////// INDIA THAT DOES NOT RAISE MEMORIALS TO HONOUR THE DEAD LIKE "INDIA GATE" BUILT BY THE BRITISH IN NEW DELHI. ///////////////// INDIA THAT IS NOTORIOUS FOR CORRUPTION, RED TAPE AND INEFFICIENCY. //////////////// INDIA THAT ENFORCED COMPULSORY FAMILY PLANNING ON THE HINDUS AND SIKHS BUT EXEMPTED THE MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS. ////////////// INDIA THAT NEEDS AMERICAN PERMISSION AND WORLD APPROVAL BEFORE HITTING THE TERRORISTS IN NORTH KASHMIR. ////////////// INDIA THAT IS NOWHERE IN FOOTBALL THIS MONTH WHILE WE SEE SLOVENIA AND GHANA, MEXICO AND ALGERIA. /////////////// INDIA THE SHAME OF HER "SONS AND DAUGHTERS" WHO CANNOT GET DUAL NATIONALITY WITHOUT BRIBING THE "DOGS AND BITCHES" CONTROLLING AND RULING HER. (How difficult is it for a Briton, American, Australian, even a Pakistani, to get dual citizenship?) ///////////// INDIA WHERE THINGS ARE GET DONE BY BRIBERY. INDIA THAT HAS NOTHING ABROAD AS "MADE IN INDIA" EXCEPT THE FLEEING ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. /////////////// INDIA THAT HAS GIVEN FULL INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY TO MUSLIM STATES LIKE SINDH AND EAST BENGAL BUT KEPT THE OTHERS LIKE U.P., KARNATAKA, EAST PUNJAB AND WEST BENGAL DEPRIVED OF EVEN ELEMENTARY AUTONOMY. /////////////// INDIA THAT CANNOT REPEAL ARTICLE 370 OF CONSTITUTION THAT IS TO BENEFIT ONLY THE STATE OF J&K AND NONE ELSE. /////////////// INDIAN INFANT THAT WANTS TO BE PERMANENT MEMBER OF UN SECURITY COUNCIL WHERE SHE WILL SEND ANY SHABANA AZMI, ABDUL KALAM OR SONIA GANDHI AS HER PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE WITH ALL THE HINDUS KEPT OUT OF SIGHT. /////////////// "what about the prosperity of Mumbai and Kolkata?" YOU COULD SAY. O YES? WERE KARACHI AND LAHORE NOT EQUALLY PROSPEROUS? AND, WAS SOMNATH NOT THE RICHEST TEMPLE ON EARTH? /////////////// If the jackals try to pose as lions, they will fool nobody except the fools. Now let us see India do any ONE of these: /////////// 1. Replace the gentle female sari clad Supreme Commander by a MAN. /////////////// 2. Replace Sonia Gandhi by a native HINDU "Mother of India". /////////////// 3. Recover just one square inch of North Kashmir that is supposed to be part of India. ////////////// 4. Send a HINDU to represent India in Saudi Arabia. ////////////// 5. Extend the provisions of Article 370 of Constitution to ALL the states. /////////////// 13 June 10///////////// PS: YOU CANNOT GET RID OF CANCER IF YOU DECLARE YOU DON'T HAVE IT. =========== /// 000000000