Date: 16 Jun 2010


VOICE FROM HEART. //////////// Please see how EASY it is for a Pakistani or an American to obtain dual nationality and how DIFFICULT it is for a wretched INDIAN. ////////// The Jews have the right to visa and entry to Israel by RIGHT OF RELIGION and the British, THE ITALIANS, and the Americans have this right BY BIRTH. The UNFORTUNATE INDIANS, are treated as the SCUM ON EARTH by none else but their own "government" that has not changed colours or attitude since the country was MUTILATED by Sword of Mohammed in 1947. ///////////// O yes, if we pay MONEY to the rulers living on Culture of Corruption fanned by RAJIV GANDHI, THE BOFORS CHOR, then any number of visa entries will be granted to visit ONE'S OWN LAND OF BIRTH. //////////////// Don't we Indian "ORPHANS" call our land of birth "MOTHER" INDIA? Which MOTHER charges visa fee to her son or daughter to come and visit her? NONE, except ONE that is an abducted and imprisoned mother and renamed P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State). //////////// We would like to go to India BY RIGHT OF BIRTH and will NOT accept the "sarkari PIMPS" of Sonia or Mohammed, standing as BARRIER in our way. ///////////////// Would YOU join us in this aspiration & resolve?///////////// 16 June 10 ======/////////// 000000000