Date: 20 Jun 2010


A SURVEY IS TAKING PLACE IN AMERICA TO SEE HOW MINORITIES ARE DECIMATED AND THEN WIPED OUT IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES.///////////////// TO THE ORGANISERS, ONE OUGHT TO SAY WITH REGARD TO PARTITIONED INDIA:////////// Please also consider this: If you see any country with 10 or more per cent NON MUSLIMS left, these unfortunate people will be under great pressure to convert to Islam. //////////////// So, along with the data you seek to gather there should be a downward CURVE OF DECLINE charting the expected drop year by year till Islam "triumphs" bybecoming 97 or 99 per cent. ////////////// With regard to PARTITIONED (defeated) INDIA we need to look elsewhere at countries and nations that DID NOT COLLAPSE despite OCCUPATON, those that did not accept defeats but, instead, even in their darkest hour looked upwards at the thin ray of hope. /////////////// Sadly we do not see anyone in Bharat at present who is looking upwards like GEN. DE GAULLE in exile on June 18, 1940 when he gave the speech in London to "RISE, RECOVER & HIT BACK HARD, in order to TURN THE TIDE." /////////////////// One needs to visualize the context and circumstance of that man on that day. He was not even in FRANCE but in a foreign land that was also expecting an invasion any time. /////////// If history can produce barbarians and invaders, it can also produce patriots and warriors like De Gaulle and such PEOPLE like the French. They were not alone in recovering their ground. The Greeks, the Bulgarians and the Romanians all mustered their wits and guts and HIT THE TURKS HARD AND EXPELLED THEM BEYOND THEIR FRONTIERS. Earlier the Spaniards had similarly HIT THE MOORS hard and thrown them back to North Africa. ////////////// Hence there is no need to despair for the beleaguered, besieged and much bashed Hindus of Partitioned India. ///////////// The main blessing is that WE ARE NOT YET ALL OCCUPIED. It is quite possible to recover ONE THIRD OF INDAI that went under the foot/ideology/Book of Mohammed of Arabia in 1947. /////////////// Let NO ONE throw the memories of valour, courage and patriotism of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Gobind Singh ji, Shivaji and Netaji to despair with regard to Bharat and her Destiny and Integrity in order to accept Nehru's HIGH TREASON or remain satisfied with status quo. //////////////// Each and every Hindu ought to realize that the ENEMY within, and across the artificially created new borders, is trying their utmost to DEMORALISE, DIVIDE and CONFUSE the Hindus in order to occupy the Rest of India, too. Their goal is to bring DELHI, LAHORE and DHAKA under ONE flag. /////////// Their flag is not "Bhagwa" (Saffron) but (poisonous) Green. WE REJECT IT and ought to look at the MUSLIMS in the light of the bogus PARTITION of our Motherland and the BLOODSHED at that time. ///////////// The survey should not be just to collect data though that is a vital step towards raising the awareness of the world as to the MENACE OF MUSLIMS to all the free world, not only to the Hindus or Bharat. /////////////// If we wish to match the audacity and character of the Muslims then OUR OWN goal has to be to fly the TRISHUL OVER MECCA. Christians and Jews can share their own vision with ours and muster guts to plant STAR OF DAVID and THE CROSS in the same city to TURN THE TIDE BACK. /////////////// If a Hindu is banned from entering Mecca then it is sound logic and plain commonsense that a MUSLIM HAS NO BUSINESS TO BE SEEN IN DELHI./////////// 000000000