Date: 20 Jun 2010


Muslims came with SWORDS AND KORAN/////////// Europeans came with GUNS AND BIBLE.//////////// Now Congress is synthesis of them BOTH, AND IS USING EVERY WEAPON AND TRICK TO DECIMATE THE HINDUS AND WIPE THEM OUT FROM SOUTH ASIA.//////////// NOTICE HOW QUICKLY AND WILLINGLY THE HEAD OF DYNASTY JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SURRENDERED ONE THIRD OF INDIA WHERE ALL HINDUS WERE WIPED OUT. WE DID NOT SEE A TEAR IN HIS EYES. BUT HE LET THEM HAVE NORTH KASHMIR, TOO. //////////// We did not see them lift a finger when Uganda and Fiji KICKED OUT THE INDIANS IN UTMOST DISGRACE AND HUMILIATION nor when East Pakistan became BANGLADESH. /////////// What more do the incorrigible thick-skinned dimwit & dull HINDU LEADERS want to see before they make us all RUN FOR LIFE from DELHI as we RAN FROM LAHORE under their leadership? =============//////////// 20 Jun 10 ============ In a message dated 20/06/2010 04:13:46 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: //////////////// With the help of Britishers and their Lbs.,still this Old Congress Party & their corrupted spoons are not simply enjoying Lbs/Rs.;but wasting time, money,health and wealth of the educated as well as uneducated poor people of India. I know Shri.Nitin Gadkari in person when he was the Minister in BJP administration and was handling Public Works Dept.(PWD). I am proud to say herewith that because of Him the entire infrastructure (roads & Buildings) concept has been improved in India. Later on the the spoons of Congress started saying that they had already this plan and BJP developed it. It is a fundamental practice of this old Nehru/Gandhi Congress during British Raj in India. Please read late Subhahchandra Bose, Tilak, to have more evidences., US INDEA.///////////////// 000000000