Date: 20 Jun 2010


Dated 20/06/2010//////////// Kashmiri Pandits seek refugee status //////////// Link - http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/india-news/kashmiri-pandits-seek-refugee-status_100383000.html//////////// New Delhi, June 19 (IANS) Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits, along with members of civil society, will hold a protest Sunday on World Refugee Day to demand the government classify them as internally displaced persons (IDPs)./////////// “We are living in forced exile for over 21 years. The governments of Sri Lanka and Pakistan have provided IDPs status to Tamil and Waziristan refugees (respectively). The government of India should also give us the same status and provide us all the benefits,” said Rashneek Kher of ‘Roots in Kashmir’, which will organise the protest.//////////// The protestors will also ask the central government to set up an inquiry commission on the reasons for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir.//////// Roots in Kashmir is an initiative by students and professionals for the rights of Kashmiri Pandits. “Our demand includes reconstruction of desecrated and destroyed shrines and temples of Kashmir. Also, we want better rehabilitation of people who are living in relief camps of Jammu and Delhi,” Kher said.////////////// Hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits fled the Kashmir Valley in the early 1990s when the Islamist insurgency flared up in the state. /////////////// ========////////// COMMENT: ////////// O yes, the ONLY refugees in their eyes are the ones called PALESTINIANS in Middle East but not the Kashmiri Hindus right under their own noses.////////// Our ENEMIES are IN PLACE but the Hindus OUT OF PALCE only due to this fact. ////////// =========== What hope when the so-called Government of India is nothing but the "WILL OF MOHAMMED"?////////// After SIX DECADES one ought to have come to such conclusion with regard to a "government" that does not wish to hear the word PARTITION but calls it Independence, about the bunch of thugs and crooks who do not wish to benefit ANY OTHE STATE under Article 370 of Constitution but only J & K STATE. //////////////// Under that Article even the PRESIDENT is a "bhangi" (scum of womankind) who cannot buy a shack in Srinagar but any Abdullah or Khan from Srinagar can buy even a mansion in New Delhi. ///////////// ===================== Muslims came with SWORDS AND KORAN////////// Europeans came with GUNS AND BIBLE.///////// Now Congress is synthesis of them BOTH, AND IS USING EVERY WEAPON AND TRICK TO DECIMATE THE HINDUS AND WIPE THEM OUT FROM SOUTH ASIA./////////// NOTICE HOW QUICKLY AND WILLINGLY THE HEAD OF DYNASTY JAWAHARLAL NEHRU SURRENDERED ONE THIRD OF INDIA WHERE ALL HINDUS WERE WIPED OUT. WE DID NOT SEE A TEAR IN HIS EYES. BUT HE LET THEM HAVE NORTH KASHMIR, TOO. ///////////// We did not see them lift a finger when Uganda and Fiji KICKED OUT THE INDIANS IN UTMOST DISGRACE AND HUMILIATION nor when East Pakistan became BANGLADESH or when Kashmiri Hindus were given a boot by their Muslim COMPATRIOTS. /////////// What more do the incorrigible thick-skinned dimwit & dull HINDU LEADERS want to see before they make us all RUN FOR LIFE from DELHI as we RAN FROM LAHORE and NORTH & SOUTH KASHMIR under their leadership? ///////////// 20 Jun 10 ============