Date: 21 Jun 2010


Each and every ISLAMIC republic is in serious DEFIANCE of the UN charter on human rights that calls for equality of humans.////////////// An Islamic CONSTITUTION is most DISCRIMINATORY by putting a Muslim above a non Muslim. //////////////// Do we have an organization or a wealthy person in our Hindu community who could take the UNO to court of human rights for dereliction of its DUTY? ////////////// 21.06.10 ============= ////////////// Any faith that calls followers of other faiths as sinners (infidels) and calls for punishment is no faith at all. ///////////// All, ///////////// I would like to suggest that://////// a document or petition should be submitted to UN to classify 'Islam' as a quasi-military organization rather than a faith.////////////// Grounds: ///////////// How the book 'Quran' describes to treat infidels. (badly)/////////// How the symbols of other faiths are destroyed. ( Statue of Buddha in Afghanistan) and many in India ////////// Treatment of women////////////// Comments form Muslim imams and leaders for violence against other faiths ///////////// Comments and books from non-muslim authors ////////////// many more rasons.....//////////// UN is already dealing with Iran issue. ////////////// Many organizations will sign the petition. //////////// This petition can also submitted to other countries and wherever it is needed. ///////////////// It is important to uncover the mask of 'Islam' Pleas see the book attached. (this book is free for copy and distribution)////////////// Then all the privileges given to 'Religious Faihs' will not be applicable to an organization like this./////////////// This gives the protest another avenue. ///////////////// 000000000