Date: 25 Jun 2010


Sheila Dixit; Delhi CM, COMMENDS the Urdu Language for nurturing the unity of our country. ////////// In fact Urdu was an instrument for the vivisection of our motherland. It has caused accimony in in Pakistan/Bangladesh too. /////////// One would urge Mrs. Dixit to compare and contrast the Urdu Media with the other and ascertain herself which one is always in the oneupmanship for hatred and communal psyches. ///////////// COMMENT://///////// Sheila Dixit should be ashamed of putting Urdu above Hindi. She knows its origin with the PROSTITUTES of Lucknow and she knows that it is the national language of PAKISTAN. ////////// Perhaps this Islam appeasing woman also knows that in case the Muslim do capture DELHI like LAHORE then URDU will be the national language of AKHAND BHARAT, too. ////////////// She will be congratulated for her foresight and vision. The traitor today will become the patriot of Urdu speaking Hindusthan tomorrow. ////////////// =========== 000000000