Date: 26 Jun 2010


WELL DONE to these brave activists (SEE BELOW) who dare to raise the Voice of Protest even in ISLAMIC Bangladesh. ///////////////// Hindus who have survived so many massacres, pogroms, target killings, abductions, rape and conversions over there were BETRAYED by India that "evaporated" in 1947 and again in 1972 when the unique chance came to put East Bengal back in Bharat. //////////////// But the Hindu nation seems to be pre-programmed to "love and lick" their ENEMIES and make them rulers of Bharat so that they are all beaten, bashed and wiped out eventually. ////////////// Hindu MANHOOD is completely sapped or absence. Otherwise how can any Muslim loafer dare to touch a Hindu maiden if a Hindu can NOT befriend, marry and convert a Musalmaani. ////////////// But the contest is not between equals. It is between the UNITED Muslim Ummah and the lonely de-linked & detached Hindu, one scared individual disconnected from the main body of 1 BILLION. ///////////// Muslim rascals do not "see" Guru Gobind Singh or Shivaji at the back of any Hindu while EVERY Hindu sees the "charging" angry Mohammed of Mecca standing at the back of every Musalmaan. //////////// We should recall the treatment meted out to Hindu prisoners of war languishing in Pakistani jails and the "royal" treatment that was given to 90,000 Pakistani prisoners by Indira, Daughter of Nehru. ////////////// As long as the Hindus 'take it LYING DOWN' the Muslim aggressor will be further encouraged to abduct, rape and convert our girls due to our cowardice, disunity and lack of commitment. ///////////// Since Congress & Dynasty have RE-WRITTEN the history of India all accounts of Hindu valour and courage have been DELETED. Who will tell us of the brave Punjabi girl called Sundri who always carried a dagger concealed under her dress. When a Rascal put his arms around her she STABBED him deep in his back and left him dying for the vultures. ////////////// To attain such heights of prowess & glory the persecuted Hindu nation has to DUMP "Gandhi" and follow "GOBIND".////////////// What needs to be done now by our LEADERS is obvious like the sun in the sky. ////////////// Conclusion: Hindus need a LEADER. /////////////// 26 June 2010/////////////// ============ In a message dated 26/06/2010 05:05:43 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com writes: //////////// Pls read appeal of Hindu victims whose daughter was kidnapped and forcefully converted by muslims in bangladesh. guardians of victim girl were also attacked for lodging fir at police. ////////////////// Dear Sir/Madam, //////////////// Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) and GHRD Dhaka received an urgent appeal from minority victims belonging to Hindus namely 1) Sawpan Mondal, 2) Robindra Mondal and 3) Ratan Mondal of Serajdikhan Upazila of Munshigonj district of Bangladesh who were experiencing atrocities and repression from Muslim kidnappers and attackers since long. They also alleged that the local police did not help recovery of their minor girl –Ms.Oishi Rani Mondal (15) nor they took any initiative to arrest the perpetrators despite sufficient evidences of proof of kidnapping of their girl available; rather police assisted perpetrators behind the bar submitting final report No.36 dated 30.07.2008 as true against justice-seekers. ( Serajdikhan P.S. Case No.1 dated 03.06.2008 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act,2003 )/////////////// Recently on 03.12.2009 at about 5.30 p.m. more than 16 armed goons with country made weapons having been tacit consent by local administration attacked peace-loving Hindu family members severely injuring 1) Sawpan Mondal, 2) Robindra Mondal and 3) Ratan Mondal by sharp country made weapon, demanded Taka 3, 00,000/- as tax money spent for conducting Serajdikahan P.S. case No. 1 dated 03.06.2008 in different courts. ///////////////// The assaulted Hindu victims were dragged to Midford Hospital-Dhaka for treatment and their conditions were reported to be precarious. /////////////// On request I on behalf of GHRD went to Midford Hospital to see the assaulted victims on 5.12.2009 and found them under treatment by doctors. Sawpan Mondal one of the victims requested me to assist them legally and to accompany him for lodging FIR at Serajdikhan police station yesterday on 05.12.2009 apprehending previous negligence shown by police officers. Accordingly I along with Md.Nadim –camera man went to police station and met with Md.Matiar Rahman – Officer-in-Charge of Serajdikhan police station on 5.12.2009 and lodged case No. 8 dated 06.12.2009 under section 143/447/323/324/325/307/379/385/506(2) and 34 of Bangladesh Penal code against attackers : 1) Azizul, 2) Tofazzal, 3) Rezaul, 4) Mafizul, 5) Boha, 6) Shafizul, 7) Manir, 8) Delwar, 9) Dinu, 10) Khuku, 11) Lavlu, 12) Babul, 13) Razzak, 14) Wahab, 15) Nizam Meah, and 16) Awal Meah of same locality. /////////////////// Fact of the case is that Ms.Oishi Rani Mondal (15) a Hindu adolescent school girl kidnapped on 01.06.2008 while she was going to her private tutor and subsequently she was converted to Islam by perpetrators giving her Islamic name Ms.Sadiya Khatun and Md. Jonny Meah married her forcefully. ////////////////// Ratan Mondal –legal guardian of the victim girl lodged first information report (FIR) being Serajdikhan P.S. case No. 1 dated 03.06.2008 under section 7/30 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Ain,2003 at Serajdikhan police station against 1) Md. Jonny Meah (19) son of Majid Meah, 2) Majid Meah (55) son of not known, 3) Saju Meah (30) son of Mansur Sheikh 4) Babul Meah (21), all residing at Serajdikhan Upazila of Munshiganj district./////////////// But police submitted final report most illegally against the complainant as not true (FRT No. 36 dated 30.07.2008). The complainant against the FRT submitted application in court for not accepting the FRT and the court did not accept final report and sent back for trial in the tribunal for decision. //////////////// The Tribunal judge after taking evidences on record acquitted the perpetrators and allowed the victim to go with her Muslim husband and granted them bail. ///////////////// The informant being aggrieved filed an appeal before the High Court against impugned order of the court and as a result the perpetrators became furious on legal guardian and committed repeated offence of atrocities. ////////////////// As per prevailing law the minor girl aged below 18 can not give consent to marry and nobody can take her away without the consent of her legal guardian. ////////////// Presently GHRD took responsibility of the cases now pending in the High Court and the lower judiciary for legal assistance to victims. ///////////// A photo of the victim girl, copies of FIR of both cases and the birth certificate of the victim, copies of medical injury reports are attached herewith. ///////////// A detailed investigative report will follow. ////////// ====================================///////////////// 000000000