Date: 26 Jun 2010


Sub:- More than 50,000 Nepalese house maids sold and dumped in Saudi Arabia. /////////////////// Arab News report of 26th May, 2010, reveals the role of Indian and Nepalese Christian Missionaries sitting in New Delhi, Siliguri, Shillong and Darjeeling in the illegal Nepalese girls trafficking from Nepal to Saudi Arabia. This report shows the most ugly and horrible side of Charitable work done by Christian evangelists in Nepal in the name of helping poor Nepali people. //////////////// Arab News in one of the most popular and most read newspaper in Middle East. ///////////// These Christian evangelists sitting in Siliguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal, Shillong in Meghalaya, Dimapur in Nagaland through their agents in Nepal, also Christians who are converted from Hinduism, takes the innocent Nepali girl into confidence saying that they will provide good jobs in Middle East. They bring these Nepali girls to these evangelistic centers and makes Indian Passports. In some cases it was observed that these girls directly brought to Vasant Vihar, a class one area in New Delhi, where most of the foreigner’s working in various embassies resides and employed in their houses initially. ///////////// Most of the conversion activities in India and Nepal are funded through agencies and individuals sitting in Vasant Vihar. Evangelistic organizations like “Later Day Saints etc have safe havens in this locality as this area enjoys 100% police protection. //////////// Once girls passport is made, girl along with a Nepalese boy – in most cases a Nepalese Christian agent – will be sent to Dubai or Bahrain as husband and wife for house servants work. Once the pair reaches Dubai or Bahrain, boy will sell the innocent girl who even do not know English or local language to people of Saudi and return to India or Nepal with the money. The Saudi man takes the girl to Saudi Arabia with out proper paper’s to enter Saudi from Dubai or Bahrain, due to this she becomes and illegal entrant according to Saudi Rules and Regulation. /////////////// The untrained Nepali girl in most cases faces harassment – both physical and sexual – as she do not know the language and not trained to handle the house hold matter’s and equipments like that of maids coming from Philippines and Sri Lanka. /////////////// According to Arab News report, at an average two Nepali house maids are dumped in Nepal Embassy in Saudi Arabia daily, after serving several years in Saudi illegally. In most cases girls are in mentally disturbed condition or physically unwell. /////////////// Government of Nepal raised this issue with New Delhi as well as other Government’s of Middle East. /////////////// As the Government of India is fearing this human trafficking evangelistic lobby, we the Hindu’s of India and Nepal should create an awareness among the Nepali Samaj, about the plight Nepali girls in Middle East to block repetition of this in future. /////////////// Details of Arab News can be read from by following the link given below:- //////////////// http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article57674.ece/////////// 000000000