Date: 26 Jun 2010


AN ARMY COUP TOO LATE DEFEATS ITS OWN PURPOSE. ////////////////// The idea of a coup is not for the chicken hearted just like the idea of decimating all the opposition in order to rule and misrule the country for SIX DECADES! ///////////////// In 1947 the Hindus had NO leader capable of defence. The Muslims did have a leader called Mohammed Ali Jinnah who easily "disembowelled" Bapu Gandhi's "Akhand Bharat," capturing five provinces of India overnight. ////////////// Regrettably, India has still not produced a LEADER of stature since. The result is a "million mutinies" under the surface, trying to raise their heads. ////////////// Therefore, the question is justified, "When is the best time to save the dying elephant if the hackers & butchers are more in number than the surgeons and healers?" ////////////// The whole world knows that India is under occupation by ONE dynasty and ONE political party that has wielded absolute power over the country since 1947. ///////////////// They say, "BANDIT NEHRU took over (mutilated) India when the British left Akhand Bharat!" ///////////// Indeed, the devious "Bandit" kept the same crippling colonial style government, suffocating rules and regulations, and Imperial Penal Code, calling it "democracy". ////////////// His best friend and political mentor was Marshal Stalin of the Soviet Union. In Georgia where Stalin was born his PEOPLE have removed his statue while India's "Nehru is still alive and kicking" like a bad tempered donkey. ///////////// Nehru never trusted the Hindus who were considered "Loyal to Land" having spiritual roots in the soil. He decided to bash them into pulp and swore to decimate the Sikhs, hardy defenders of "Dharti & Dharma", in order to create a new breed of moron "secular citizen" who will always put DYNASTY above India. ////////////// "Whatever any “Gandhi” does he will remain "clean". Whatever crime a Gandhi commits he will remain beyond the reach of Law." ///////////////// Rajiv remains Mr Clean despite his $50 MILLION bribe from Bofors Gun Company and he remains a patriot ("deshbhagat") despite his Catholic spouse imported from Italy. Indians were expected to show DOG'S LOYALTY to him, as they do to her. ////////////////// His son Rahul, too, did not find any merit or beauty in a native girl but went to the other end of the world to pick one up from Venezuela. He remains a "deshbhagat"! One would expect such a thing happening only in a coolie colony. ///////////// Who could even dream of such a terrible CRASH of our ancient nation on August 15 1947, when Bandit NEHRU was too happy to share India with Predator JINNAH? /////////////// Italian born Sonia wields extraordinary power & influence over the Supreme Commander (Rashtrapatni Pratibha Patil) and the Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) and extraordinary control over Central Government and the Central Cabinet in India. Thus our land of ancient wisdom and divinity is held to ransom by this treacherous woman from abroad who sits like the dividing WEDGE between the Hindus and 'the Rest'. ////////////// Nehru deliberately kept the Kashmir DISPUTE alive in order to "milk" the exchequer for his personal commissions through those lucrative expensive defence purchases and frenzied re-armament programmes. He did not wish to spend those huge sums of money on public well-being, job creation, health and education. /////////////// The staggering amount of money spent on Nehru's Kashmir dispute* since 1947 could have provided every Indian citizen with a house, a car and running hot and cold water taps at home. (*Most Indians need to be reminded that Nehru ordered our advancing troops to cease fire in Kashmir in order to let Pakistan keep North Kashmir.) ////////////// Everyone can see how the native HINDU religion is ignored, degraded, even suppressed, by the ruling establishment masquerading as champions of secularism. Indians are brainwashed to "swallow" this "donkey's" (bogus) secularism that could not be defended in Lahore nor upheld in East Bengal. ////////////// We can all see the poorer getting poorer and the rich getting more "filthy rich" in India. There is no social security, proper education, reliable communications and satisfactory medical and health service for the masses. We can see with our own eyes that the time is fast approaching when the poor will cut the throats of the rich to correct the growing imbalance as per laws of nature. ////////////// At that time the army will also be swept away like a dry leaf on the fast flowing stream of history. ///////////// Article 370 of Constitution, that gives J&K State special status, ought to be abolished but the Government is determined to keep it in force, thereby denying the Indians the right to settle in that State. The State has a separate (alien) identity from the rest of the country. ///////////// Hundreds of millions of Indians aspire to radical changes at the top where corrupt ministers and traitors sit. The time has come when the talk of military take over is heard in some influential circles, and gaining credence. ////////////// Many people do believe that only the military will clean up the mess into which Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty have pushed the country./////////////// The only ray of light in the static & stagnant bureaucratic world of Indian "baboo", a relic of the colonial days, is military take-over of India./////////// So, let us see what military take-over in Partitioned India will achieve. /////////////// At first, though, there are a few questions for the Hindu Intelligentsia and LEADERS. ///////////// Should the army stick to the non interference policy and watch the country sink deeper and deeper into the QUAGMIRE of strife, corruption and chaos- finally to perish in civil war or risk being invaded from East, West and North? ///////////// What will be their first tasks and top priorities? /////////////// How will the dishonest and corrupt ministers and officials react, and how will they be dealt with? Of course there is the CHINESE method of summary executions and that of the French, using the guillotine. ///////////// What should be the CONSTITUTIONAL STATUS of the MUSLIMS on account of Partition of India in 1947? //////////// What steps will the Army take to transform Kashmir Valley into a tourists' paradise like Switzerland? ////////////// How will the Army give the "mongrel" (pseudo-secular) nation a clear Hindu IDENTITY in which all could rejoice and feel proud and secure? /////////////// How will the label “MADE IN INDIA” acquire respectability like “MADE IN GERMANY” or “MADE IN ENGLAND”? ////////////// How will the trillions of rupees illegally deposited in FOREIGN banks be recovered and used for public well-being? ////////////// How will the family fortune of traitor Nehru and the corrupt "Gandhis" be recovered and used for nation's benefit? ////////////// What objectives will the Army be expected to achieve, and in what time scale? //////////////// What will be the manner of handing back authority to the civilians? //////////////// How will the Army tackle the rulers' treachery and dishonesty in RE-WRITING history? /////////////// Since Bandit Nehru surrendered five provinces to the indigenous MUSLIMS unconditionally, what conditions should the Army put to the breakaway ISLAMIC republics in order to put Partition on FAIR terms? /////////////// What ought to be the status of HINDU RELIGION in Hindusthan? We need to realize that India being the only country that is still Hindu, she cannot wash her hands off responsibility for preserving native faiths. We can see how other countries ensure survival of their "way of life". ///////////// In the United Kingdom that "way of life" is underpinned by JUDEO-CHRISTIAN tradition and official CHURCH OF ENGLAND. In Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and so on it is ISLAM. Thus Hindu religion cannot survive if BETRAYED or NEGLECTED by State as at present. ///////////// How will the long overdue EXCHANGE OF POPULATION with Pakistan and Bangladesh be finally implemented? We must not forget that Pakistan was the illegitimate gift of NEHRU to Mohammed and Bangladesh was the illegitimate gift of INDIRA to ISLAM. That is how "Dog" Nehru and "Bitch" Indira defended Secularism and India for posterity. //////////////// Will the Army order investigation into all the “Foundations” in the name of one or the other Gandhi, confiscate their assets including foreign bank deposits and use the money for investment in Education and well-being of people of India? ////////////// Will the Army bring the trial of Rajiv Gandhi for taking commission from the Bofors Gun Company, to conclusion? ///////////////// What will be the new Constitution like? What will be its salient features? /////////////// Will the Army ensure ONE law for all and ban KORAN, the book of hatred against the Pagans, Infidels, Kafirs and the Hindus? ///////////// Will the Army confer status on the birth places of India's own divine "avatars", e.g., Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh? Sonia Maino never commended the sovereign status of her own Vatican for Ayodhya or Mathura! ////////////// Will the Army re-write the Constitution in order to put SPIRITUAL soul in it? Are we not fed up with the present "pseudo-secular" dry skeleton without flesh and blood? ////////////// Will a military take-over make India internally strong through cohesion, dynamism and unity? How would India have looked today if instead of Nehru she had Netaji to ruler her? //////////////// Will the Army order a new flag of the country? (NB: The present flag resemblance that of Nehru’s Congress Party.) Will they use a new national anthem? ///////////// What will be the new names of all those roads, places, towns and events that now bear the names of Nehru, his family and the former ISLAMIC invaders, murderers, abductors, converters and plunderers? /////////////// Will the Army grant dual nationality to all those born in Bharat as we see in Italy? ////////////// Please suggest what else the INDAIN ARMY should do after taking over the decomposing LIMBLESS Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State) that is mired in corruption and insecurity. /////////////// We should also realize that none has been betrayed, frustrated, insulted and degraded by Dynasty more than our brave army that had won victories and never "ceased fire" in two World Wars. ////////////// In 1947 Pandit Nehru ordered them to RETREAT & RUN from vast territories without firing a pistol and in KASHMIR he ordered them to cease fire instead of encouraging them to capture North Kashmir, too. On both occasions the Indian Army was fully justified, and entitled, to execute NEHRU by firing squad for High Treason. ///////////////// Indian Army did NOTHING and Nehru ESCAPED like Hitler on July 20, 1944 to wreak havoc later. (We know our Hindu nation, "dying" to be slaughtered and enslaved again!) ////////////// With the passage of time our enemies are getting stronger while frustration, unrest and anger among the masses are increasing. At the same time the Hindu nation is getting weaker, more divided, brainwashed and confused, losing manhood. ///////////////// Don't we ALL think that the Indian Army should take over sooner rather than later? //////////////// 26 June 10 ////////////// ====== 000000000