Date: 03 Jul 2010


THREE WOMEN REJECTED ISLAM AND COME TO THEIR ANCESTOR'S HINDU FAITH.////////////// THESE THREE WOMEN DID THE RIGHT THING . ALL MUSLIM WOMEN SHOULD DO THIS AND LEAVE ISLAAM TO COME BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL HINDUU RELIGION ---- //////////////// ALL MUSLIM WOMEN MUST REVOLT ---- //////////// HONOUR KILLING OF WOMEN , ////////////// TALAAK GIVING NOT BY WOMEN , /////////// FOUR WIVES OF MEN , /////////// KILLING BY STONING OF WOMEN , ///////// CIRCUMCISION OF WOMEN, BURKHAA , ////////// NO STRONG MEN TO GIVE THEM DAY & NIGHT SEX IN PARADISE FOR SERVING MOHAMMED OF MECCA WHEN ALIVE ON EARTH.////////// WOMEN ONLY FOR PRODUCING CHILDREN etc. etc. + -----////////////// The home of honor of Moslem women is Not in Islam, but outside of Islam. Islam has been battering its women for centuries, knocking them & their honor, totally out of shape. Moslem women would be smart, to march out of Islam, for good. //////////// Women enjoyed much freedom in Arabia, before the advent of Islam. Ever since this Lunatic ( Hazrat Mohammad ) took over, there was a definite-deterioration, in the position of women. Hazrat Mohammad regarded women as capricious-playthings, liable to lead his Jehadi soldiers, away from the real job of Kafir-Killing. The gangster religion ( ideology ) of Islam has spilled so much Kafir blood. Its claim of starting a mythological golden age of Islam, is complete non-sense. ///////////// Islam has Islamized its women. What that means is that there is no respect for women, and crimes against them are exponential. Islam has torn women to pieaces. To be a woman in Islam, is a terrible thing.//////////// ============ 000000000