Date: 03 Jul 2010


WELL DONE to the brave activists who dare to raise the Voice of Protest even in ISLAMIC Bangladesh. ///////////// Hindus who have survived so many massacres, pogroms, target killings, abductions, rape and conversions over there were BETRAYED by India that "evaporated" in 1947 and again in 1972 when the unique chance came to put East Bengal back in Bharat. ////////////// But the Hindu nation seems to be pre-programmed to "love and lick" their ENEMIES and make them rulers of Bharat so that they are all beaten, bashed and wiped out eventually. ////////////// Hindu MANHOOD is completely sapped or absence. Otherwise how can any Muslim loafer dare to touch a Hindu maiden if a Hindu can NOT befriend, marry and convert a Musalmaani. ///////////// But the contest is not between equals. It is between the UNITED Muslim Ummah and the lonely de-linked & detached Hindu, one scared individual disconnected from the main body of 1 BILLION. //////////// Muslim rascals do not "see" Guru Gobind Singh or Shivaji at the back of any Hindu while EVERY Hindu sees the "charging" angry Mohammed of Mecca standing at the back of every Musalmaan. /////////// We should recall the treatment meted out to Hindu prisoners of war languishing in Pakistani jails and the "royal" treatment that was given to 90,000 Pakistani prisoners by Indira, Daughter of Nehru. /////////// As long as the Hindus 'take it LYING DOWN' the Muslim aggressor will be further encouraged to abduct, rape and convert our girls due to our cowardice, disunity and lack of commitment. //////////// Since Congress & Dynasty have RE-WRITTEN the history of India all accounts of Hindu valour and courage have been DELETED. Who will tell us of the brave Punjabi girl called Sundri who always carried a dagger concealed under her dress. When a Rascal put his arms around her she STABBED him deep in his back and left him dying for the vultures. ////////////// To attain such heights of prowess & glory the persecuted Hindu nation has to DUMP "Gandhi" and follow "GOBIND".///////////// What needs to be done now by our LEADERS is obvious like the sun in the sky. //////////////// Conclusion: Hindus need a LEADER./////////// 000000000