Date: 03 Jul 2010


COPY OF LETTER TO THE HOME SECRETARY, UNITED KINGDOM. ///////////////////// Congratulations for the cap on Non EU immigrants. The decision is to be welcomed because there is enough of highly motivated and loyal workforce already here from the Commonwealth and Eastern Europe who are well adjusted and integrated in the mainstream population. ///////////////// We notice that pressure is being put on HM Government by Muslim interests, notably Bangladeshi community, who need “specialists” for their INDIAN restaurants. /////////// Please exercise caution. “Indian” cooking is not something alien to a Bengali or an Indian. Children learn cooking from their mothers. Furthermore there are already too many Bangladeshis living here who can train some to be cooks instead of living on benefits. The real motive is to bring in friends and relatives and their wives and children in order to swell the number of Muslims here on any pretext and ruse. For example, would they accept a non Muslim cook from Bangladesh? //////////// Islam is a political confrontational Ideology, with Jehad as its core motivation & impulse. It has also been defined as “fraud, deception and surprise attack”. Muslim suicide bombers KILL hundreds on one day yet repeat the phrase, “Killing one innocent person is like killing the entire mankind.” ///////////////// With women robbed of freedoms, status and dignity there is little input from them who would like to throw flowers instead of stones (at the Devil) in Mecca!. They cannot even pray along side their men in mosques. /////////////// Many Muslims openly declare their aim to convert Great Britain to Islam. They are not a fringe mad minority but universal voice of Islam. There is no better example of the trusting victim than India whose leaders, NEHRU & GANDHI remained in ivory towers while their enemies cast off the cloak of multiculturalism and demanded a separate ISLAMIC homeland. India, under pressure from Labour Government of the time signed her surrender in 1947 in order to “buy” peace with the Muslims who immediately invaded Kashmir. //////////// India did not nip the Islamic evil in the bud. She was forced to shed her large territorial wings to become ‘Middle India’ and to live in shame eternally. The Muslims in Afghanistan are no different who refuse to take the Koran out of their politics and Constitution. Senior British generals talk of “peace through compromise” with the Taliban or pay the price in dead bodies. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Field Marshal Gerald Templer never spoke such language because they had full backing of the nation. //////////// Muslims have distinctly different characteristics, beliefs and global aims due to which they will never integrate or assimilate in this country. They strongly relate to their Caliphs, past conquests and grand empires including India until 1857 AD. ///////////// Their belief in the “superiority and infallibility” of Islam begins from infancy and is reinforced on visits to ISLAMIC countries of origin and during mandatory Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. In addition there are scores of television and radio channels, imams in countless mosques and constant succour from Islamic republics that keep on brainwashing them day and night. //////////////// Sadly the British public are not informed about the extent of Muslim penetration in our multi cultural society nor about the strong fraternal bonds of loyalty that create “voting blocks” to gain seats at Westminster. There seems to be little awareness in public about the implications of rising Muslim numbers, the threat to Church and a feeling of insecurity among the non-Muslim minorities living in this country. ///////////// Church of England, that is losing ground with each conversion to Islam, itself does not seem to be active or preventive on the rise of Islam. ////////////// I submit that the British public have the right to KNOW as to how our government will succeed in persuading the Muslims to delete the word “Infidel” (“Kafir”) from the Koran and the passages on the ‘treatment and punishments’ prescribed for the non Muslims. ////////////// Too many MUSLIM television and radio channels in this country are politicising, indoctrinating and moulding the Muslims as a distinctly separate alienated minority that has already become a force to reckon with. The Muslims, by their own admission, are the fastest growing religion in Europe. This is most worrying to many of us who escaped the “Sword of Islam” back home that is again poised over our heads here. //////////// May I respectfully suggest a few steps to assure the people of their secure future. ///////////// Firstly, total ban on Muslim immigration since those already here are expected to increase their numbers rapidly and disproportionately in the coming years. ////////////////// Muslim girls should not be allowed to go abroad to bring spouses. The second, third or fourth wife of a Muslim ought to be derecognised for all State benefits. ///////////////// Non Muslim girls seduced by Muslims for marriage should be encouraged not to embrace Islam. Instead, their grooms should be required by law to embrace the religion of their non Muslim brides. Anyone renouncing Islam, who fears assassination, should get State protection. A prisoner embracing Islam should stay in prison for the rest of his life since he is expected to be a more fundamentalist zealot on release. //////////////// Muslims, being separatists to the core, should not occupy public offices since the public in general do not have trust and faith in their impartiality. //////////// If we do not fore-see the implications and effects of rising Muslim numbers then it will be too late to save Britain from the new “fascists” as any victim of 7/7 will know. //////////// I enclose copy of a news item published in “The Sunday Telegraph”, dated 27th inst., page 18. It shows a young woman, Martine Wright, in the prime of her life, who lost her both legs in the London terror attack. She will live all her life, grieving over something that cannot be restored. She is the “Daughter of England” who was mauled like a sheep by the Islamic wolf. Please “relate” to her. ///////////// Our country is spending millions on programmes and initiatives to “reform & civilise” the Muslims at home while our soldiers, who are fighting the Evil abroad are coming back in coffins or without limbs. /////////////// Madam, you have great responsibility towards the future generations, too.////////// ============================ /////////////// 3rd. of July 10. 000000000