Date: 04 Jul 2010


GENERAL MOHAN SINGH, GENERAL SHAH NAWAZ, AND CAPTAIN SEHGAL ON RELEASE FROM BRITISH JAIL IN INDIA IN 1945 STOOD TOGETHER, HANDS HELD, ON ONE PLATFORM AND PROMISED INDEPENDENCE TO THE PEOPLE. /////////////////// But NEHRU standing in the wings got very upset. He called them "TRAITORS" and asked the VICEROY OF INDIA to DISBAND the INA and send those BRAVE MEN TO JAIL in disgrace. //////////////// NEHRU went to his bosom friend, MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH, and said, "Brother, if these three have their say then you and I will end up with nothing." ///////////////// Jinnah, the equally clever barrister and former President of All-India Congress Party (same position that SONIA MAINO from Italy holds in Bharat today), then told Nehru his TOP SECRET. //////////////// On August 14, 1947 that TOPSECRET was seen by all the world. Our Jawaharlal Nehru felt very autocratic and strong while his India SHRANK in fear and SIZE. 15 million refugees were pouring in from West Punjab, East Bengal and KASHMIR. //////////////// Don't let the "Hindu bashing" Government ("Sarkar") RE-WRITE India's history! ///////////////// 4 Jul 10////////// ==================== 000000000