Date: 18 Jul 2010


A TV CHANNEL IN BRITAIN ASKS,/////////// The Burka is British. Discuss. /////////////// =========================///////////// COMMENT://///////// What is there to discuss now if someone high up has already declared it "British" without even asking the British PEOPLE? There seems to be a new twist in British democracy now. ///////////// What has also become "British", it seems, is the APPEASEMENT of Muslims in this country for which we can also part company with European allies like France and Belgium. ////////// It is slow and steady REPLACEMENT of British "way of life" that did NOT have burka as its strand, a part of the crude, discriminatory and oppressive ISLAMIC culture. //////////// We must have given leave to our senses NOT to realize that Burka is just one strand of the rope that is ISLAM, to eventually hang ourselves with. ////////// Other integral & inseparable strands of the ongoing Islamic cultural inroads in our society are the BEATING of women, honour KILLING, FOUR obedient domesticated slavish WIVES, the overflowing hatred of INFIDELS and KAFIRS, and the RAPID REPRODUCTION in order to get a clout in a democracy and then finally, a CALIPH, a MAN, on top in place of the QUEEN. /////////// Like the Pope and the FUEHRER, the Caliph is always a MAN, never a lady who might disapprove of stoning to death of an adultress and cutting off the hand of a thief. //////////// All this will happen, STEP BY STEP, ONE BY ONE, so that an average citizen receives just one shock at time and forgets if before the next SLAP. /////////// If Burka is allowed in public her e then even an ISLAMIC Constitution will be justified in due course of time. How can one overrule it if Muslim WOMEN want it and how can we avoid CONVERSION & suicide bombings if Muslim MEN want them? After all, "political correctness" is the other name of BOWING before Islam and carry on with ISLAMNIC APPEASEMENT. ////////////// What about having a REFERENDUM on Burka? Should the vast majority of British public not have a say in maters so SENSITIVE as the dress code of Muslim females in a Western liberal (CHRISTIAN) society? ///////////// There is no harm in looking ahead if we still celebrate victory over the Axis Powers that is as old as PARTITON OF INDIA at which the "SWORD OF ISLAM" slaughtered TWO MILLION. The Infidels were killed by their own Muslim FELLOW CITIZESNS. Since then it has become the "INDIAN WAY OF LIFE" to be shot, killed and terrorized even in hotels by the Muslim minority with support from fellow Muslims from around the world. //////////// With the talk of Sharia Law, separate schools and the Burka is it not the time to start estimating the year of Partition of Britain, or the year of Break Up of the UNITED Kingdom? //////////// In due course of time there will be more Muslim children in inner city schools than the Christian ones. If they then multiply by the factor of FIVE the day is not far when Union Jack will be replaced by Star & Crescent by popular vote. ////////////// That too will be "BRITISH" solution. Indeed, there is a PRECEDENCE of the barbarian dictator who came to power through democratic elections. The Book he wrote resembles the parts of KORAN. ////////////// Finally, how about asserting EQUALITY between the sexes? Let us muster similar collective Will (after all we are British, once a global power) and ask the Muslim MEN to wear Burka, instead. If they refuse point blank calling it LUDICROUS, RIDICULOUS, DISGRACE, DEGRADATION, SHAME and family DISHONOUR (all put together) then we will know how they OPPRESS their women- directly and indirectly. //////////// 18 Jul 10///////////// =============== //////////// The Burka is British. Discuss. ////////// Damian Green's carefully worded public declaration on why the Tory/LibDem government wouldn't ban the enshrouding Islamic cloak - it's "un-British" - is worth a bit of scrutiny. /////////// It comes almost exactly five years on from the 7/7 London bombings; after years in which the last Labour government appeared to be constantly upping the ante on cracking down on Islamic fundamentalism (remember Tony Blair on keeping out preachers of hate, Jack Straw on his unhappiness about veiled women in his constituency office?).The wide political discussion seemed to be about multiculturalism having failed. //////////// Damian Green, of course, had regularly campaigned in opposition on the need for tougher immigration rules. So are the Conservatives actually re-embracing the traditional British approach of "muddling through" on cultural tolerance? //////////// The French parliament's decision to ban the burka (and punish men for enforcing it, of course) follows a similar bill in Belgium, and comes not long after a burka-clad British woman refused to go through a body scanning machine at an airport; so there's not getting away from the fact that homeland security and Islamic dress are being tied together. /////////// Having spent several months travelling across Britain and the Muslim world exploring Islamic dress and feminism for a Channel 4 documentary (Islam Unveiled) some years ago, I look forward to discussing it all with the minister concerned; Damian Green tonight. //////////// Read more - do you know your Burka from your Hijab? http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/politics/domestic_politics/damian+green+banning+burka+would+be+aposunbritishapos/3715377 ///////////// 000000000