Date: 19 Jul 2010


EXTREMELY LIFE THREATENING SITUATION HAS ARISEN IN INDIA with no one holding the Muslims (and other FOREIGNERS) responsible for any crime in the past and present.///////////////// How on earth could one imagine that one day ONE THIRD OF INDIA will be surrendered to Muslims with utmost ease by Hindu LEADERS who will then embrace the ENEMY on the following day, the day when the earth of Punjab was covered in blood and dead bodies were floating down the JEHLUM, CHENAB, SUTLEJ and RAVI rivers with millions of degraded destitute HINDUS & SIKHS on the run from those vast areas that we were forced to leave behind.////////////// Even the brave British-trained Indian ARMY became the slaves of Jawaharlal Nehru in a fraction of one second when he replaced Viceroy Louis Mountbatten as the dictatorial Imperial overlord of our mutilated bleeding sacred Motherland. /////////////// Instead of shooting him dead for his HIGH TREASON while he was speaking of his own Dynasty's "glow of freedom" standing on the rampart of RED FORT on the midnight of 14/15 August 1947, they saluted him and gave him Guard of Honour! ////////////// 25 years later the same army captured EAST BENGAL that ought not to have been SURRENDERED UNCONDITIONALLY in 1947 in the first place, making extreme sacrifices in life and material, FOR ISLAM, and was ordered to leave North Kashmir to Mohammed of Mecca, too. /////////////// Deliberately the "bashed" Hindus have been BRAINWASHED and driven into "pooja/bhakti" mode while Sikh slaves' attention has been diverted to the virtues of "akhand paThs" and "atuT" (ceaseless) "Guru Ka Langar" where the Muslim wolf and any Catholic cat is fed along side the Hindu sheep. ////////////////// Where are the Hindu LEADERS with comprehension of the past of Hindusthan and her future? It's worth noticing how much of Hindusthan has already been ROLLED UP and put under the foot of Mohammed of Mecca where once our Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh ji trod, preached and fought TILL DEATH. ///////////////// Guru Gobind Singh's life and deeds, in particular, had to be taken up seriously by the timid HINDU leaders, and his excellent composition "ZAFAR NAMA", in which the Muslim treachery and deviousness is described so eloquently & convincingly, ought to have been made compulsory reading in all schools and colleges across Bharat. But hardly anyone, including the degraded chief minister of East Punjab, ruling from Union Territory of Chandigarh, has even heard of it. This JACKAL called “SINGH” ought to have been in LAHORE, the eternal capital of Punjab. ///////////////// The Indian ARMY, the relic of British Imperial days, with its Hindu majority is still the last hope for our corruption ridden BETRAYED Bharat while the so-called Hindu leaders, without guts & vision, have relegated themselves to the status of floor sweepers. We ought to look in that (not their) direction now and forget about the "leaders" whose daughters are brought up to hate their own NATIVE religion and grow up to warm the beds of Mohammeds while cinema screens project the KHANS as great heroes on the dead body of Hindu manhood.//////////////// Our Hindusthan not only lost its sacred TERRITORY ("Dharti") but also saw all the Hindus living there for millennia instantly WIPED OUT under the "Great Design".////////////// Having lost its soul our orphaned BHARAT is being driven by crude Arabs & sophisticated Italians who see it as their "maal-i-ghaneemat".///////////// ////////// 19 July 2010. //////////////// ---------------------------------------------------------- In a message dated 19/07/2010 09:11:07 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx.com writes: ////////////////// Subj: Our Rotten Hindu Leaders /////////////// I had a very great respect for DR. SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY. After reading that he has married his daughter to a Muslim, I have a doubt he can save the interests of Hindus. I do not know why Hindu leaders prefer Muslims boys for their daughters and close relatives. Lal Krishan Advani's real niece was married to a Muslim. He attended the marriage and gave Ashirvaad to his niece. Praising Jinnah shows his Muslim root. Jaswant also belongs to Muslim area. I do not know if he has Muslim blood as well. Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit has also married her daughter to a Muslim and her son in law lives with Her. Due to this fact she is adopting various tactics for saving Afzal Guru. Mad Mohan Singh says Muslims have the first right on the resources of Bhaarat. RSS chief Mohan Bgagwat says that not only Hindus have rights on Bhaarat but other people has also rights on Bhaarat. //////////////// If one looks around, many leaders are for protecting the interests of Muslims, but where are the people who look after the interest of Hindus. ///////////////// 2. My Take: The evidence cited above is compelling./////////// Because of the unusual association or splices of our Hindu Leaders with Moslems, one wonders about their purpose & loyalty to Hinduism. We see first hand from what our Hindu Leaders are saying & from what they are doing, that our Hindu Leaders, who are adored as perfect examples of Hinduism, are in reality not so perfect, but actually are proponents of Phoney-Liberalism. Consequently, they would even accept Muslim League ( if circumstances suggest ), in a coalition government, in support of the principle of secularism. They do not grasp that secularism ( actually pseudo-secularism ) is used in India, to shelter exclusivist & theocratic systems like Islam & Marxism. ///////////////// 4. With a growing Moslem population, and by calling themselves as secular forces, Moslems have extended their reach in India, and our Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders are assisting the Moslems, to shelter & impose their tyrannical, barbaric Bedouin system on every body, Hindus included. Thus the system of Pseudo-Secularism, and the actions of our Phoney-Liberal leaders, are working to the advantage of,Exclusivist-Islam, whose Jehadic forces are seeking to undermine the Pluralistic-Hindu. That is how Islamic ideology has extended its reach, throughout its history, by treachery, by subversion, and by force./////////////// 5. Because our Hindu leaders confine their effort to Phoney-Liberalism,and because they do not familiarize themselves with areas of strength & areas of weakness of the Hindu, and they do not employ appropriate tools for the defense & strength of the Hindu ( A good general never throws areas of weakness of his army, against areas of strength of his adversary ), they are TOTALLY unfit to work for the interest of the Hindu. That is why I have called these leaders as: " Our Rotten Hindu Leaders. " ///////////////// 000000000