Date: 20 Jul 2010


CAN THE RSS DO WHAT THE ARMY CANNOT?/////////////// RSS is known to be a well organized formidable Hindu organization in Bharat with "shakhas" (branches) all over the world. /////////////// It has lifted the slave nation to levels of self confidence that were unthinkable in previous centuries when the belief in European superiority and the terror of Mohammed were ingrained deep in the national psyche and subdued Hindu manhood into coma. /////////// Even today, in 2010 AD, the Hindu nation trusts an Italian female of dubious loyalty & unknown background more than their own native ladies of highest calibre and merit. Some fools call her "Rashtramata". ///////////// RSS is still the only national organization in Bharat, APART FROM THE ARMED FORCES, that is upright, trusted and patriotic that can boldly DEFY Corrupt Congress and the misruling "Hindu bashing" Centre and plan and ACT seriously and in unison in order to LIBERATE the Hindu nation finally. India may be regarded independent (from what?) though partitioned, but the Hindu NATION is still slave. They had NO say over the unconditional surrender of Lahore nor over the bogus secularism imposed in Delhi. Hindu LEADERS have yet to muster guts and provide inspiration for the final battle of liberation of the Hindus- sooner the better. ////////////// Hindus are ZERO in the eyes of their own rulers, all of them are either BOGUS Gandhis or their unscrupulous stooges who profess patriotism on public platforms but in reality have proved to be the enemies of Hindus and Hindusthan. ///////////////// Undoubtedly their first act of high treason was the unconditional surrender of five provinces (half of EUROPE in size) to the followers of MOHAMMED OF MECCA. That historic DEFEAT is neither mentioned in CONSTITUTION nor taught at schools and colleges in OCCUPIED INDIA. /////////////// It was done without referendum since Nehru, the top leader at the time, considered himself above law and the master of nation. He regarded India as his personal fief or colony. Marshal STALIN of the Soviet Union, the ruthless dictator, was the best friend of Jawaharlal Nehru. who gave the slogan "HINDI- ROOSEE BHAI BHAI" to his own enslaved subjects. //////////////// Thereafter the nation was rapidly brainwashed to believe in the successful end to the struggle for Independence from the British led by Gandhi and Nehru. In reality one of the duo was a downright coward and self-denying Muslim appeaser and the other a despicable traitor. /////////// Ironically Shri Nathu Ram Godse, the real patriot and a great HERO, who felt the pain of the betrayed and mutilated Mother India, did not shoot dead Jawaharlal Nehru but a "naked fakir" who wanted no high lucrative post for himself but let the country slip away from his hands. /////////// Even the brave Indian army stood by after Nehru signed the surrender. They were supposed to DEFEND every inch of Indian territory then but like SLAVES, or MORONS, they obeyed Nehru's command to vacate the military cantonments in KARACHI, MULTAN, LAHORE, RAWALPINDI, PESHAWAR AND QUETTA and withdraw to the remains of India East of Wagah. //////////////// There could not have been a MORE FRUSTRATED & DEGRADED army in the whole world on August 15, 1947 when they were not expected even to push out the mischievous Muslim raiders who occupied North Kashmir a few weeks later. //////////// On the Darkest Day of Partition the role of Indian Army changed dramatically. Instead of a force to defend TERRITORY they became the defenders of corrupt JL Nehru and his DYNASTY. Thus they could be easily MISUSED to capture and then RETURN East Bengal to the ENEMY in 1972. Thus they could be used to attack the Sikhs' holiest shrine in AMRITSAR (not even in her dream would INDIRA have given the holy city the status of VATICAN in Italy!), and they could be MISUSED to cross the sea to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin who regarded Bharat as their own land of origin, roots and spirituality. We ought to remind ourselves continuously of the Tamils' "final solution" ("Endloesung") in Sri Lanka in death and destruction while New Delhi watched, or secretly rejoiced. //////////// The Army was NOT dispatched to Uganda and Fiji to defend INDIAN interests, life and businesses there. One can recall what MARGARET THATCHER, the Iron Lady, did to liberate FALKLAND ISLANDS from Argentina. Indian Prime Ministers INDIRA and RAJIV Gandhi did not advance or defend any INDIAN INTEREST either at home or abroad. Instead, they were enriching themselves abundantly through CORRUPTION, LOOT & PLUNDER. //////////////// Only now has the Army woken up a bit and REFUSED to be employed against the Nexalites in the North East. They have realized their FIRST task to liberate North Kashmir and then even the whole of PAKISTAN to the West and the BOGUSDESH to the East or KICK OUT all the MOHAMMEDANS from our Partitioned India. The ONUS of "transfer of population" now rests with the Indian ARMY while traitor Nehru gave them TERRITORY and also kept them back, close to his bosom, in his India. It should be recalled that when Pakistan was carrying out the ethnic cleansing our Nehru did not lift a finger to defend the Hindus handed over to the "ISLAMIC WOLVES" by none else but himself. ////////////// They were, and are still cowardly BHARAT'S responsibility that has yet to become brave and then issue a challenge to the followers of Mohammed of Mecca, "Either TERRITORY BACK OR THE MUSLIMS OUT!". ////////////// Indian Army is now more alert to the high treason, incompetence and corruption of their POLITICAL leadership than ever before. And that is a good thing. ////////////// Back to RSS. Please STUDY the enemy. Study his IDEOLOGY. Study his KORAN to see what it says about the HINDUS (KAFIRS) and our HINDUSTHAN, and please STUDY their mentality, potential for harm and destruction, their methods and their FINAL GOAL in what is left of our Hindusthan. Ensure the survival of Hindus in (the rest of) Hindusthan. Above all, please move on from infancy to manhood, from drill sticks to assault rifles. ////////////// Dump Gandhi and go for GOBIND. Learn and teach the tactics of the BATTLES fought in Sri Lanka and Kurukshetra, of the deeds of Sri Rama and the utterances of Sri Krishna, and of the conquests by brave Tamils, Marathas and the Sikhs and make them part of the national curriculum. We need to see Bollywood cleaned up of Muslim mess and statues of HINDU HEROES in all town and city centres across Bharat to show that the India that lay supine to be amputated in 1947 is now a mighty MILITARY power and is HINDU RASHTRA. ///////////// If the insensitive crude & intolerant followers of Mohammed of Mecca can have the AUDACITY to call more than FIFTY countries "ISLAMIC" then there has to be at least one strong HINDU country, too, on earth. ////////////// Nehru's lucky escape from a patriot's BULLET belongs to those IFS of history like- "The world would have escaped the 50 million killings of the innocent civilians (including the SIX MILLION Jews) during World War 2 if Hitler had been assassinated within days of his troops marching into Poland on September 1, 1939." ////////////// Now we cannot play with IFS & BUTS of history but deal with the ugly and dangerous REALITY that has been unfolding before our eyes since Partition in 1947. /////////////// In the decomposing pseudo-secular treacherous ideological QUAGMIRE called "Bharat", our brave and patriotic RSS will be the first movers. The second will be our gallant ARMED FORCES. Only after that the new sun will rise in Hindusthan. //////////////// The only alternative for the Congress controlled COOLIE COLONY of India is eternal slavery under the hated ISLAMIC flag over Delhi where it was last BLASTED in 1857. /////////// The present Indian Army is not the old British Indian Army that fought for the Empire. Today they are a national force from the people and for the people but not for any Party or Dynasty. ////////////// The RSS credentials for patriotism and honesty are similarly well proven. All it needs now for BOTH is to defy the FEAR OF OUR ENEMIES and come together in the interest of the nation and ACT for the Hindus' survival with dignity in "AKHAND BHARAT". //////////////// Let the sleeping dogs lie? Let the nation go to dogs? Let the rot spread? Let CORRUPTION flourish? Let Indian businesses and homes, built abroad over centuries, be wiped out by any tin can dictator? Let the enemy have free run of our hotels and shopping centres to explode grenades and bombs and kill the innocent? Let TRILLIONS of dollars of illegal BLACK MONEY belonging to DYNASTY and other top ranking crooks lie stashed in FOREIGN banks that cannot be used for nation’s prosperity? Let the rascals and sex maniacs from one particular vicious community (MUSLIMS) have open access to our girls to seduce, rape, marry and convert? Let “Made in India” remain an INFERIOR label to “Made in Japan”? Let the natives have a much poorer image in the eyes of the world than the foreigners among us? Let the brave “Jawans” fight the battles and wars of Dynasty? Let our soldiers be bashed and the officer corps insulted, neglected and impoverished further by baboos? Let Kashmir remain a WAR ZONE where terrorists abound and Hindu tourists cannot be seen? Let DELHI suffer the fate of LAHORE? Let Hindusthan perish? Let Mohammed of Mecca REPLACE Sri Ram of Ayodhya, Sri Krishna of Mathura and Guru Nanak of Nankana Sahib in our own perishing Hindusthan? And finally, leave it all for our grandchildren to sort out? Will there be any Hindu grandchildren left in Delhi as in Lahore and Dhaka? /////////////// Body of Bharat has GANGRENE and CANCER. Who will do the second surgical operation after the first one in 1947 when five MUSLIM "INFESTED" provinces had to be cut off in unprecedented BLOODSHED? /////////////////// 20 July 10 ============== 000000000