Date: 20 Jul 2010


USING INDIAN ARMY TO KILL THE NEXALITES IS THE EASIEST WAY TO END THE PROBLEM INSTEAD OF PROVIDING THEM WITH WATER, SCHOOLS AND GOOD HOSPITALS.. ////////////////// Dear Sir, ////////////// For an incompetent government whose heart is not in the nation, such as the Congress Party that willingly surrendered five provinces of our Motherland to indigenous MUSLIMS in 1947, it is the compulsion to stay in power AT ALL COSTS. //////////////// Such a government does not work FOR but AGAISNTG its own subjects. Such a government is willing to KILL rather than EDUCATGE and IHNTEGRATE.///////////// Such a government spends MORE on weaponry to kill and kill hoping that the problem will vanish but the results are often the OPPOSITGE.//////////// Eventually it is the PEOPLE who throw the governments in the rubbish bin of history rather than the governments keeping the people intimidated, ignorant and impoverished./////////// The military is meant to KILL the enemy who crosses the border to invade or carry out any act of sabotage. Indian military is supposed to KILL the Pakistanis crossing over from the other side into KASHMIR but not shoot to kill our own citizens. When this happens the rulers LOSE THEIR HEADS. What lesson have the INDIANS learnt from the assassination of Indira, the autocratic political witch and the assassination of her rogue son, RAJIV, the Bofors Chor who sent his army to kill the innocent TAMILS of Indian origin in Northern Sri Lanka?//////////// I believe the INDIAN ARMY, if pushed into killing the alienated and frustrated Nexalites then they will not only refuse to obey such orders but may turn their GUNS on your defence minister and SONIA, the so-called Rashtramata from ITALY. //////////////// Nexalites need to be invited to talks just as the Home Minister talked to the Kashmiri MUSLIM rebels in New Delhi.////////// Their demands are to be heard and then COMPLIED WITH. They will go home happily and down arms to take up ploughs. /////////// It is not only necessary but morally correct approach by the government who must be SO incompetent as to find love so difficult but hatred so easy. Is there a MUSLIM or CATHOLIC FINGER in the matter? Perhaps the Nexalites refuse to convert to either of these FOREIGN religions. Therefore, they must be respected and not killed. Perhaps the defence minister is himself a Catholic like Sonia Gandhi with no love lost for the tribals who are Hindus or pagans. /////////////// If they are KILLED instead of being EDUCATED then Broken Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State) will be a step closer to its own DEATH. /////////// 20 July 10//////// =========== 000000000