Date: 23 Jul 2010


THE FINNS HAVE COME OUT IN OPEN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL. THAT IS BOTH VERY COMMENDABLE AND ALSO VERY BRAVE OF THE FINNS. ///////////////// The world must force some of the vast ISLAMIC republics to take these so called Palestinian refugees. ////////////////////// It's a damn COWARDLY CRAWLING world at the feet of MOHAMMED or the Palestinians. //////////////// We must ASK, "Are there NO refugees created by MOHAMMEDAN AGGRESSION on earth?" WHERE ARE ALL THE NON MUSLIM AND THE NON ARAB REFUGEES? ///////////////// O yes, there were FIFTEEN MILLION non Muslims forced out of Pakistan in 1947. Did we ever hear of them? They were followed by a QUARTER OF A MILLION Hindus from SOUTH KASHMIR forced out of their homes in 1989. ////////////// What plans do PRESIDENT OBAMA, THE UK, OR THE UNO have for their RETURN TO HOME? ///////////////// Pro Israel demonstrations are good but the BEST thing will be to send all these Palestinians to the Land of Mohammed, that is, SAUDI ARABIA, or the other land created IN THE NAME OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA, that is, PAKISTAN where millions of homes belonging to the evicted Hindus are available.///////// 000000000