Date: 24 Jul 2010


MUSLIM PROTESTS IN SECULAR DEMOCRACIES: ///////////////// Thank you. You have raised most significant points with regard to the Muslims taking advantage of Infidels' liberal Law to serve their own ends. ////////////// In particular, just see the INDIAN Muslims who claim to be "indigenous" just like the Hindus. Did they not show their "indegenous" credentials while carving out their separatist Islamic Pakistan in 1947? ////////////// When fed up with Secularism and "KAFIR" Laws they savagely and viciously attacked their own Land of Birth and created a huge big (vast) ISLAMIC republic AT THE COST OF INDIAN TERRITORY. To great jubilation & joy they imposed Mohammed of Mecca's SHARIA LAW on everybody. /////////// The majority community, that is, those with real stake in Akhand Bharat, were too suppressed, brainwshed and misguided by NEHRU & GANDHI to realise the strategic implications of that absurd surrender in 1947 without any condition or referendum. The Muslims had DECEIVED and hoodwinked the rest of us, as usual and for the MILLIONTH time. What WE got from that "deal" were two million slaughtered and 15 million refugees. From previous history we had not learnt a single lesson with regard to this brutal "beast from Arabia"./////////// But even after "conquering" that vast LAND FOR ISLAM, they refused to go to their "heaven on earth" (Pakistan) and stayed put in KAFIR India, too. The result is that they are again as dissatisfied, disgruntled, restless and angry as they were BEFORE Partition. //////////// So HOW LONG will India go on surrendering her TERRITORY to the followers of 'Mohammed of Mecca' if they go on reproducing at DISPROPORTIONATELY HIGHER rate and also gain numbers (millions!)through illegal infiltration and thus soon overtake the Hindus once again in many States? ///////////// It is clear that the so-called "Indian" Muslims will go on DEMANDING special concessions, rights and privileges, and finally, separation in order to REDUCE India again till our Hindusthan is reduced to just a few villages around DELHI. ////////// DEAR HINDUS, PLEASE KEEP THIS END SCENARIO BEFORE YOUR EYES- of shrinking Hindusthan till the country, once called the SUB CONTINENT, is reduced to a small (Hindu) enclave around Delhi. ///////////// We wish to know as to WHO is responsible for thinking, and taking care, of India's TOMORROW? //////////// All seem to have forgotten even our yesterday (PARTITION) and are busy adoring ITALY and appeasing ISLAM once again? ////////////// It's very paradoxical and amusing to hear "hurt" Muslim voices clamoring for the right for their women folk to wear the hijab (head to toe dressing), to be treated exclusively by female doctors, to build minarets & mosques, to aggressively proselytize the tenets of their faith and to have Sharia courts to decide issues related to inheritance, divorce and maintenance in the nations of the EU and India that are based on an enlightened form of secularism and democracy while their religious texts (Quran and Hadiths) preach against democracy and secularism. ////////// And Muslims have persecuted non-Muslims, heretics, free thinkers, women, and apostates living under Islamic law down the ages till the present day by following these so-called medieval "revelations" that were brought to an Arab (Mohammed) by an invisible "angel" (Jibril) who somehow managed to fly down to earth through a "hole" in the closed cosmos from its extra-cosmic lair where the Islamic extra-cosmic, anthropomorphic personal god (Allah) is supposed to reside and from where this god is supposed to have created the primal energy, matter, consciousness, mind and life from nothing by simply saying "Be!".////////// Isn't it "haraam" (forbidden) for our good Muslims to live in lands that live under their own guiding principles of defining values like secularism, tolerance, individual liberties, women's dignity & equality and democracy that go against the spirit of Mohammed's teachings and his Islam? //////////////// Is it not ironical that the "hurt" Muslims use the pretext of demanding secular and democratic rights for themselves when Islam does not recognise any of these for them, leave aside the infidels? ////////// It's better for the Muslims to live and work exclusively in Muslim nations (Islamic republics) where they can enforce whatever they wish to instead of overcrowding the secular and democratic nations of the West, and India, whose spirit, ethos and religions they covertly wish to pervert by out-breeding the "kafirs" (non-believers) and trying to convert them./////////// The next protests from Muslims will be against the rational and verifiable finds of science in the fields of cosmology, genetics and space exploration which they'll claim are inconsistent with the "revelations" of the Quran. They may soon very well launch mass protests or resort to sustained violence in the civilized nations against the scientific discoveries and demand that scientific research and teaching in academic institutions be guided by the Islamic beliefs of creation out of nothing, setting of the sun in a puddle of muddy water, stars serving as missiles to drive away devils, splitting and rejoining of the moon and other mumbo jumbo.////////// ========================= 000000000