Date: 24 Jul 2010


ENLARGE YOUR REMIT!///////////// The murder or RTI activist Amit Jethwa is shocking news. However it is not just one murder but part of GRAND DESIGN of Nehru and his Party to eliminate the HINDUS from Bharat. ///////////// Would you, therefore, please enlarge your remit and take the core of ALL the problems, the Dynasty and Congress Party, under microscope, in order to expose the real criminals who are wiping out all Opposition by bullets and the Nexalite resistence by military force? ///////////// We should all know, and broadcast to the whole world, that the life of ONE Hindu reformer and one Nexalite as the betrayed and neglected child of "Mother" India is worth MORE than the lives of a hundred imported Sonia Gandhis and a thousand BOFORS CHORS like Rajiv "Gandhi" whose heart was in Italy, but NOT BHARAT or her Tamil and Sikh children nor even in the Nexalites. //////////// The anti Hindu and anti Indian crooks occupying and controlling Bharat for the last SIX DECADES remind us of the ruler of MULTAN who ordered everyone to worship him as God. //////////// When all the subjects resented this and were fed up, it was his own son, PRAHLAD, who defied him. In the same manner the bogus Gandhis wish to STAY IN POWER and be served and worshipped by the Indians till eternity. /////////// But any true patriot who challenges them will be IMMORTAL like Bhagat Prahlad. Bhagat Prahlad was a mere child. What a shame that today even professors and scholars, all the cabinet ministers and MP's and the top HINDU brains are following Congress and their IDEOLOGY like unscrupulous blind morons. //////////// But sooner or later the day will come when not one but a MILLION PRAHLADS will rise and sweep this corrupt and autocratic dynasty away like dirt from the carpet. /////////// We shall be waiting with interest for your comments. ///////////// 000000000