Date: 24 Jul 2010


THESE CONGRESS "DOGS AND BITCHES" ARE NO EXCELLENCIES. //////////////// One request to all the PROUD & HONOURABLE citizens of INDEPENDENT country called BHARAT: The title "YOUR EXCELLENCY" is the discarded relic of the old British Empire when the subjects had to be subservient & humble in the context of 20th. century traditions & customs of grinding bureaucracy.////////// Now even the most powerful man on earth, President Obama, is addressed merely as "Mr. President." ///////////// Please bring this awareness to the suppressed people of Congress "COOLIE COLONY" of Bharat, never to address anyone as "Your Excellency". //////////// They are all useless, damn useless and INEFFICIENT officials, ministers, "rashtrapatis", "rajpals", secretaries and "BABOOS" who have done immense harm to the interest of the people of India. The country is rapidly slipping away from under their chairs. For example, how could the guy, notorious for his Bofors commissions, be called, Your Excellency? /////////////// Or, how can RAHUL, the Prime Mister in waiting, who is waiting for the opportunity to bring his FOREIGN wife from Venezuela like his father Rajiv, be called "Your Excellency"? ///////////// Or, the man notorious for fodder scam, AND SO ON? //////////// Indians must at least FEEL the freedoms like the people in the West and regard themselves EQUALS in dignity to any top notch in their country. Modern India that is bouncing ahead in science, technology and industry must not call any useless political or BABOO or Sonia's LICKSPITTLE as "Your Excellency". //////////// By the way, in Britain the term Your Excellency is not used at all but it is still used for the Colonial governors posted abroad. Their conduct is exemplary. /////////////// 000000000