Date: 26 Jul 2010


ISLAMIZATION OF KERALA & EAST PUNJAB. ////////////// One is utterly amazed at the unbelievable suicidal compulsion of the Hindus and Sikhs on their own territory. Most now firmly believe that we were born to be "nishkam sewaks" of the world, to love all, and forget every defeat, surrender and humiliation inflicted on our collective body by the ENEMY. In fact, the word "ENEMY" has gone missing from our vocabulary just like the word "PARTITION" in Anbedkar's 'Constitution of India'. ////////// With reference to the Sikhs, once the defenders of Hindu Dharma, news has come that they are restoring and rebuilding hundreds of mosques left by the Muslims in 1947 when on the other side of the border the Sikhs were EXTERMINATED, lock, stock and Granth, surrendering thousands of girls to be RAPED & CONVERTED. ///////////// Yet the community has turned its brains and eyes OFF from their entire history and are now helping the Muslims to return and increase in NUMBERS in their midst. //////////// Will it be any surprise if the SIKHS in EAST Punjab once again face the same calamity as in 1947 and 1984? Have they asked, "WHY WERE LAHORE & NANKANA SAHIB SURRENDERED TO THE FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA?"////////////// Have they asked, "WHY THE CRIMINALS OF 1984 HAVE NEVER BEEN TRIED?" Similarly, have the HINDUS asked as to WHY ONE THIRD OF INDIA WAS SUDDENLY SURRENDERED TO THE TREACHEROUS MOHAMMEDANS WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION OR 'TRANSFER OF POPULATION' in 1947?" //////////// Those MORONS who do not ask, are DOOMED TO DIE./////////// 26 July 10 (Kargil REMEMBRENCE Day).//////////// ======================================== ////////// In a message dated 26/07/2010 03:50:18 GMT Standard Time, writes: ////////// Islamization of Keral in 20 years ////////////// THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Chief Minister V S Achutanandan' s charge that the Popular Front of India (PFI), who regularly receives huge funds from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states and which allegedly masterminded the Taliban-style attack on a college lecturer, had plans to Islamize Kerala in 20 years using "money and marriages" has reignited the "love jihad' controversy, hotly debated in the state last year. //////////// Speaking to reporters in New Delhi on Saturday, VS said PFI was trying to multiply Muslim numbers in the state "by influencing youth of other religions and converting them by giving money, marrying them to Muslim women and thus producing large number of kids of the community." CM was thus endorsed the concerns expressed by the Kerala high court, which in August 2009, asked the state police to probe if there was an organised racket working to lure youth for conversion using love and money.////////////// The HC order followed allegations levelled by two girls that they were lured using love by boys who later tried to expose them to jihadi literature and sexual abuse by their friends. The judge called for a probe inviting protests from Muslim groups. Both, the Viswa Hindu Parishad and Church, however, found substance in the charges and produced their own assessment of the situation and even joined hands to combat it. Police initially told the HC that "there are reasons to believe concerted efforts to persuade girls to change their religion after they fall in love with Muslim boys" but then the probe trailed. ////////////// Later, another bench of the HC confirmed the investigation. ///////////////////// Reacting to VS's statement, PFI state unit president Nasaruddeen Elamaram said: "Yes, we will ensure Kerala is Islamized sooner than later. If the need be, we will not hesitate killing of non-Muslims, faster multiplying of Muslims by multiple marriages and cutting of hands of those involved in opposing us. We donot believe in any courts or judges nor the Constitution of India. We only believe in Quran,he further said". ///////////// 000000000