Date: 26 Jul 2010


WHY “INDIRA GANDHI” AIRPORT IN DELHI? ////////////// “Indo American News”, Friday, July 09, 2010, Page 31, .stated, “India Inaugurates World Class Terminal 3 at New Delhi’ Indira Gandhi Airport.” ////////// 2nd Paragraph reads: “Christened T3, the shiny steel and glass terminal has all the ingredients to make a very impressive first impression on visitors and is reflective of the modern, industrialized country with an expanding economy that India today is.” ///////////// A patriot wrote promptly, “Leave alone at least one nation on this planet earth from “Christened Methods” so some left over souls could tell a story to our future generation, carrying firmly the BRIGHT TORCH LIGHT to remove the spell of darkness, already manifested and engulfing most of the planet earth.”////////// There followed a long text proving how wrong it was to “Christian” the New Delhi Airport. //////////// ----------------------------------------------- COMMENT ON THE NAME “INDIRA GANDHI”://///////// Thank you for your commendable views expressed so eloquently. //////////// With regard to this airport there are a couple of ADDITIONAL points that ought to be taken on board, too. //////////// The FIRST is the question, only the boldest of all the HINDUS will ask, "Why another "GANDHI" name thrust on this international airport?" Is Bharat a "Gandhi" dictatorship, Congress occupied COOLIE COLONY, or lacks talent and patriotism universally? ///////////// Already there are literally HUNDREDS of buildings, institutions, roads, schools, canals and bridges named after one or the other GANDHI. Are the rest of the vast nation "dead", dishonorable, unmentionable or morons? /////////// Congress Party can FOOL the natives, held slaves since 1947 just as they were previously under the TURKS, THE MOGULS, THE PERSIANS AND THE EUROPEANS. But will nobody ever discover the HIGH TREASON of unconditionally surrendering five provinces to ISLAM thereby BREAKING THE DEFENCE BACKBONE and blasting the social cohesion of HINDUSTHAN? ///////////// For the surrender of just one city, LAHORE, where Bhagat Singh died at gallows and Guru Arjun Dev was martyred, Pandit Nehru deserved to be shot dead or hung to death. But he accepted full scale PARTITION (surrender of one third of his "Bapu's" Akhand Bharat) without a single condition or demanding exchange of population or even REFERENDUM! /////////// Will nobody ever mention that this woman, daughter of Nehru, was autocratic, born with silver spoon in mouth, eloped with and married a Mohammedan, defying the Will of family, community and the nation, who imposed EMERGENCY to gag opposition in her "democracy" and finally planned the malicious attack on Golden Temple to destroy the proud Sikh spirit to make them crawl or stand in line with the rest of the cowardly subservient SLAVES & COOLIES (who still call Italian borne Sonia Maino "Rashtramata" and happily see her boss over the Prime Minister)? //////////// Was Indira not a convert to Islam after "nikah" with Feroze KHAN of Allahabad who DECEIVED the simple gullible nation by dropping KHAN and adopting GANDHI as his surname! /////////// Secondly, can the nation overlook the hurt and pain felt deep in the Sikh psyche not only by HER but also by her LOAFER son RAJIV, notorious for BOFORS COMMISSION who compared the Sikhs MASSACRED all over India as "leaves falling with the felled tree"? ///////////// We can assure you that EACH AND EVERY Sikh and most patriotic Hindus landing at, or departing from, THIS airport will wish to SPIT on the words "INDIRA GANDHI" while telling the accompanying passengers of the HIGH TREASON, BETRAYAL, HINDU BASHING and crimes by INDIRA GANDHI, her father and her sons. ///////////// Was there any discussion over the choice of this name? NONE. The slaves are meant to obey BLINDLY and behave! What about some decent alternatives? //////////// The first name that comes to writer's mind is that of GURU TEGH BAHADUR. The second name could be CHANDRA GUPTA MAURYA and then PRITHVI RAJ CHOHAN and even that of NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. Was he not a tall & towering all-India figure who gave the call, "DILLI CHALO!" to his soldiers of Indian NATIONAL Army? /////////// Even Shivaji would win hands down if there was a competition to choose the appropriate name for the airport. But NO. All were considered UNFIT, UNDESIRABLE, INFERIOR and "UNSECULAR" by this Dirty Dynasty who could not impose their Secularism over LAHORE or EAST Bengal. ///////////// How is it that the HINDU leaders cannot see through the "Grand Design" of their enemies who mean to wipe them out in the Rest of India, too? //////////// Simply put, in order to put the Hindu necks under yoke of slavery in Delhi they need to put them DOWN & DOWN while raising the Gandhis UP & UP. They desperately need to decimate, demoralise and ALIENATE the Sikhs. //////////// We need to REMIND ourselves of the heavy yoke of grinding slavery under MUSLIMS until 1857 and then another yoke of EUROPEAN slavery until 1947. //////////////////// The list of CRIMES, anti national acts of omissions and commissions by GANDHIS, their appeasement of Muslims while "BASHING" the Hindus in PARTITIONED INDIA is endless. //////////// Finally, there must be at least some wise guys or true patriots in the whole of Bharat who could foresee and anticipate the REVOLUTION that is imminent when ONE Dynasty or Party holds a vast and varied nation in its IRON CLENCHED FIST for over SIX DECADES. //////////// India of Dynasty & Congress will disintegrate or EXPLODE as suddenly as PARTITION struck her suddenly and violently, dealing a LETHAL blow to our India from Karachi to Gilgit in the West and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East - all accompanied by unprecedented massacres. ////////// Hence the name of Nehru's daughter "INDIRA" for the Airport of that ancient (pre-historic) city is PROVOCATIVE, OBSCENE and VULGAR. It will be obliterated by patriots sooner or later. Everyone will NOT take the INSULT.////////// Just wished to share these points with the compliant Hindu nation. May be everyone is asleep. //////////// 26 July 10//////// =========== 000000000