Date: 27 Jul 2010


Everyone ought to read this: ///////////// http://dailypioneer.com/271937/Krishna’s-folly-fetches-shame.html //////////// WHAT A BRILLIANT WRITE UP.////////// It's eye opener how the once timid Hindu WRITERS & COLUMNISTS are now waking up to reality that BHARAT IS BETRAYED by her treacherous rulers at every step. ///////////// Such HIGH TREASON is committed in broad daylight and one shudders to think how much of our security is being bartered away behind the scenes for the promises of "lasting peace" to the ENEMY. ////////// A country that does not know who its enemies are, is DOOMED anyway. The record of internal and external security of Bharat since 1947 is abysmal. ////////// Indians at home, e.g., Kerala, Kashmir, Mumbai and the North East, feel insecure and those in centuries old Indian settlements abroad like Uganda, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on, have been badly BASHED or LIQUIDATED. Government of India, under the grip of Nehru Dynasty and corrupt ministers, could not see, therefore, did not lift a finger, to come to aid or rescue anywhere where an Indian is killed, battered, raped, kidnapped or robbed. //////////// We need more journalists like A Surya Prakash to bring true awareness to the nation. Until now IGNORANCE, INTIMIDATION & BRAINWASHING have been the tools of government, "led by Manmohan Singh, DIRECTED by Sonia, inspired by Islam & Vatican", to the detriment of HINDU / SIKH life, interests, RELIGION and security. ////////// In this article we saw how again and again. LIKE PRITHVI RAJ CHOHAN, the Hindu was TRICKED into giving more LAND to the enemy. ////////// Here is the key line: ......dangled the prospects of ‘lasting peace’ with Pakistan before the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and got him to barter away key mountain passes captured by Indian soldiers in that war. ///////////// Masses of Hindus and Sikhs do not know at what cost those "key mountain passes" were captured by Indian Army Jawans whose sacrifices were thrown to "wind" just like Nehru threw away Lahore and Multan to "dogs", viewing the prospects of "lasting peace with Mohammed". ////////////// HINDU RABBIT AND ISLAMIC FOX WENT TO DISCUSSION. RABBIT LOST MORE LAND. The SIKH chief minister shifted his seat from LAHORE to UNION TERRITORY. ////////////// 27 Jul 10. 000000000