Date: 27 Jul 2010


The Anti-Semitic Oliver Stone's statements and then an apology on 7/27/10, World Jewish Daily, below, reflect the increased attacks upon Israel and Jews. //////////////// If the Jews did control the media, they are doing a rotten job if we look to the self-hating Jewish sellouts like NYTimes Thomas Friedman or Trudy Rubin of Philly Inq., to name a few of the sleaze that has brought us to this insanity once again. /////////////// But since when did the truth matter, when Israel bashing and Jew bashing has now become a real door opener to another Holocaust and the end of Israel and Jews everywhere are threatened again! ////////////// There is also a story below on why we are in this mess, because of the lack of leadership and willingness to constantly let our enemies come ever closer to our demise. Caving into those who would destroy us, in hopes of being 'liked' if we just give up being 'Jews' for 5000 yrs. is much too high a price to pay, but we keep paying it with the sleaze in charge of dictating these insanities. ////////////// ////////////// A key example this week, is PA's Abbas saying that he won't negotiate till Israel goes back to 1948 borders and expects Obama to bring this about with East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, already wrapped up for him, before he will have 'direct talks' with Israel. /////////// This would be hilarious, except that Ehud Barak is meeting with Barack Obama people, this week, on giving away the shop, while BiBi on his last visit with Obama, left open the door of 'negotiating' Jerusalem, when in April, Jerusalem wasn't 'negotiable'. //////////// Then we see the latest public relations stunt from Bibi, which is to practically grovel and beg Abbas for 'direct talks'. Does is get any dumber or more repulsive? //////////// Does it get any more insulting, that now the PLO will get its flag flying in D.C., while Obama folks say 'no change in status', but in France, PLO now is a 'mission' in their pursuit of 'two states'. which is the end of the Jewish state, and total victory for the Nazis and rewarding all of those killers of Jews. //////////////// As usual, the Jews have a litany of excuses that this isn't possible and really isn't happening. ////////// So if the Jews, who 'own the media', have pushed us to this brink of insanity and Jewish non- leadership is plugging away at giving the Nazis their ultimate victory, by dividing Jerusalem, then the point of these two issues is that we are our own worst enemy and are constantly inviting our disasters, as much as what the enemy out there is doing. ///////////// Today is Shalom International's 317 rally/event and 1214 news interviews since Oct. 2007. We're at Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud. ////////// We are the consistant reminder of the need to go on the offense and not keep getting picked off by everyone coming after us, because the world is asking: "WHAT DO JEWS STAND FOR?" //////////// If everyone wants Jerusalem and only the Jews are willing to divide it, according to the demands of our enemies, then what is our point of existance? Shalom International is that 'constant reminder' that Auschwitz and Jerusalem are not negotiable and the public is with us, so what is Bibi's problem? ///////////// Would Muslims divide Mecca? That's one thing they have going for them, while we still argue after 5000 yrs.if there is a G-d, which got us to this point in our history, the sell-out Jews only want to talk about the last 62 yrs. and that we beat the enemy in 5 wars and 2 Intifadas and now we are giving it all back to them for a non-existant peace, that will never come, while moving the Nazis closer to finishing us off. /////////////// So,if our 3000 yr. old Jerusalem, that millions of Jews were slaughtered for ,doesn't matter, why would the world respect these immoral politics, from Jewish people so ill defined and so ill and why would they want us to survive, when we have so little self-respect to survive? ///////////// Please reread all of this. It is the essense of the entire picture. //////////// Please help us to help you. //////////// Donate to : "Defend Jerusalem", P.O.Box 4021263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140, or on paypal, ///////////// HINDUS MUST SAY, "DEFEND SOUTH KASHMIR AND RECOVER LAHORE." DONATIONS SHOULD BE SOUGHT AND COLLECTED TO FILE A CASE AT WORLD COURT OF HIGH TREASON AGAINST BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU AND HIS ALL INDIA CONGRESS PARTY. WE SHOULD DEMAND EVERY PENNY OF DYNASTY FROM FOREIGN BANKS TO HELP THE POOR IN BHARAT. 000000000