Date: 27 Jul 2010


I came across a remarkable sentence in your e-mail (below): //////////////// "if they can take over the ancient Temple Mount, they can take over Washington DC." It is so true but hardly anyone is seen reacting!//////////// In India there is a similar saying, "those who occupy LAHORE today will conquer DELHI tomorrow." It is so true but hardly anyone is seen reacting! ////////////// It was during Mahmud's several incursions into the Punjab that Muslim rule was established and Lahore became the province's capital (1022 AD). The Hindus could not muster strength to counter attack and wipe out the invaders and put the survivors ON THE RUN back to Arabia and Turkey from where they had descended on our peaceful land, yelling "Allah hu Akbar!" So, the inevitable happened./////////// Nearly 200 years later (1192 AD) the TURKS, encouraged by early Islamic successes and finding the Hindus supine, invaded India and captured Delhi. The beastly and brutal Muslim occupation of Delhi was blasted by British GUNS only in 1857 AD when they sent the last MUSLIM emperor of the enslaved Hindustan, Bahadur Shah, into exile.////////// Not learning anything from history India's top leader Jawaharlal Nehru surrendered Lahore to the MUSLIMS a thousand years later, in 1947. The fool was calling the Muslims "brothers" and "indegenous" people just as President Obama called the Muslims living in the United States the other day. We can forgive President Obama for he is the "Son of a Muslim" but we cannot forget traitor Jawaharlal Nehru, and we hope that one day there will be his trial./////// We all know that "history repeats itself," yet NONE seems perturbed about the fate of DELHI in the near future while Muslim menace is increasing by the hour in India./////////// I find it disgusting that in the case of MUSLIMS, aggression pays.//////// AT LEAST the Jews and the Hindus ought to get together to recover the original temples and push the Muslims far beyond the borders. //////////////// 28 Jul 10/////////// ===============//////////// In a message dated 28/07/2010 00:49:02 GMT Standard Time, writes:////////// I have little strength to keep writing on this issue, but keep on writing I must. As I have mentioned in the past the Muslim takeover of the Holy Temple Mount is having a direct impact on the rest of the world. I once wrote if they can take over the ancient Temple Mount, they can take over Washington DC. Well I was close they are taking over New York instead. I understand that you are all very busy in the struggle to oppose the Gournd Zero Mega Mosque, but know that your fight is directly related to our fight here in Jerusalem for the Temple Mount. ////////////// I am not asking you to get overly involved in the struggle for the Temple Mount, but I am asking you to help us make our petition go viral and help us to our aim of a minimum of 100,000 signatures. We have spoken to Knesset Members and they are going to try to help us, but they face a stonewall of opposition. They have told me that must show they have mass support world over and the petition is one easy way for people to show their support. Our fight is connected, please help us in this small way. //////////// Here is the Petition link //////////////// Thank you, ================ 000000000