Date: 28 Jul 2010


Today will go down in the history of Pakistan on account of her worst ever air disaster. An airbus arriving from Karachi could not land at Islamabad Airport and crashed into hills nearby killing all 152 on board. ////////////// I heard the news on radio in the morning and did not give it a second thought. In the afternoon, as usual, I dozed off for a nap. I saw a dream that was no ordinary dream but a trip down the memory lane.///////////// In my dream I was a huge bird circling overhead. Down below were valleys, streams, hills and human settlements.Some holy men in saffron were singing bhajans and reading scriptures in Sanskrit to small groups of people. After circling overhead I flew higher and higher into the clouds. /////////////// I descended again and was surprised to notice a whole era had passed. The landscape was the same but people were different. Instead of saffron they were wearing white and doing meditation or chanting mantras. It seemed a Buddhist country.The settlements were larger and buildings bigger. a few seemed like schools and one or two big ones seemed to be universities. I was amazed to see Buddhist monks and scholars walking or riding towards Afghanistan. I flew upwards into clouds again and then came down.//////// It was a distressing scene. Hordes of barbarians were pouring down from the north west across khyber Pass and ravaging and pillaging the land. There were fires burning all over and people were in great distress. ///////////////// I emerged from the clouds again and again and every time saw a different era on ground. There was more bloodshed. Liaqat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto were assassinated and there were killings in Lal Masjid. It did seem that this territory was in serious violaton of some special cosmic or spiritual influences. ////////////// The worst scene that I saw was in March 1947. There was unprecedented unrest and rioting among the people. Some seemed like the beasts while their victims were running in all directions to escape. ////////////// Something most shocking and terrible happened. I saw a group of wild men dragging away five teenage girls. The men brought them to a spot a little way up the hill and there they raped them repeatedly for three days and nights. The helpless girls wept and cried and cursed them and their Koran and Mohammed till they fainted. //////////////// Finally the gang killed the girls and buried them under ground. ///////////// For my last sortie I became a big aeroplane, flying with full load of passengers and crew- 152 in all. I flew down to land but felt indescribably strong force of magnet from the side of a hill that sucked me straight down to crash. At that time I woke up with a shudder. I had seen Rawalpindi through ages. //////////////// While awake I recalled the dream in detail and wondered, "What was that powerful force that pulled me down to crash?"////////////// It was easy to guess. Those violated and degraded girls had taken their revenge. ///////////////// In hindsight I may mention that the Spirit of Punjab rejects the Mohammed of Mecca and his Koran and his Arabic. /////////////// 28 July 2010 ========= 000000000