Date: 06 Aug 2010


CONGRATULATIONS for expressing so beautifully (convincingly) the need to scan the virulent intolerant, separatist and MURDEROUS texts of certain communities who wish to live in a secular society where the people treat all in the same way, where they have not killed even one "rascal" who seduced their daughterd into nikah and even serve free food to ALL in their places of worship. /////////////// To be SPECIFIC, Hinduism and Islam CANNOT COEXIST in one country. PROOF? Pakistan. ///////////// The question must be asked, "How is it that our TOP leaders, Gandhi and Nehru, did not know how cruel beastly and brutal the ISLAMIC rule over Hindustan was when nearly ALL THE TEMPLES were razed to ground, people converted BY FORCE, and girls went ONE WAY to their doom and to produce more Mohammeds in order to swell their ranks. ///////////////////////// These two barristers were not fools or ignorant. Nehru was a secret convert to ISLAM. Like SO MANY others, e.g.. DEV ANAND, he was a MOHAMMEDAN under Hindu name. How easily he advised Feroze KHAN to follow his example and become a Parsi and take on the surname "GANDHI". //////////////// The other guy, MK Gandhi, was downright COWARD. He was so shaken and demoralized by the MASSACRES in Noakhali (August 1946) that he could only go on ranting, "Hey Ram," and shunned violence till death.///////////////// When Jinnah said to Gandhi, "IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT PARTITION, THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR and a lot of bloodshed," Gandhi replied, "HEY RAM. Brother take what you want and I will not impose a single CONDITION in return."////////////// How can this broken Bharat, this MUTILATED Hindusthan, this PARTITIONED India then keep the Muslims with equal civic rights among the Hindus? There is only one answer: "THE HINDU IS STILL SLAVE AND THERE ARE TWO FINGERS IN THE BODY OF BHARAT."/////////// Furthermore, no one has bothered to notice something that YOU HAVE DONE now. That a Book (KORAN) that calls the decent Hindus "KAFIRS" and then incites the "Believers" to convert them or kill them if they refuse, should have been BANNED in Bharat immediately after Partition. ////////////// We saw FIVE PROVINCES vanish from the map on one day and since then we have been seeing the Hindu "SHAKTI" and INFLUENCE in South Asia EVAPORATE gradually but continuously. The prospect of that long overdue CIVIL WAR is looking larger with each passing day. Yet the Hindus are as prepared for self defence as they were when Alaudin Khilji and Mahmud of Ghazni crossed the frontiers into Hindusthan./////////// ================== ////////// COMMENT RECEIVED:////////// Our country is a secular state for secular religion. Therefor, any religion that has the text and act of hate and violence must be identified through constitutional process to safeguard the safety and security and secular religions. Otherwise, those who believe in the text of Live and let live will be finished one day or the other. This is hypocrisy if we treat both the secular and communal religions on the same scale and allow the other religion to preach and teach hate and violence among themselves. //////////// Under the purview of Human right commission, there must be provision to check the text of religion books that violet the human rights of others. Now religious schools are free to educate their young pupils the lesson hate and violence at their tender age. It must be stopped irrespective of the fact that it belong to any particular religion. ///////////////// ============ 000000000