Date: 06 Aug 2010


The slogan, "RETURN WE WILL!", is the most encourage sign of Hindus restoring their spines and guts and sitting up to behave like a decent MAJORITY community instead of being Sonia's poodles on our own territory. ////////// The world should not hear these words ONLY from the Palestinian refugees but also from the persecuted HINDUS from Kashmir. ////////////// There is a difference though. ALL THE MUSLIMS AND THEIR GOVERNMENTS SUPPORT THE PALESTINIANS whereas even the government of Bharat does NOT support the Kashmiris and most Hindus are ignorant as to who the Kashmiri Hindus are! ////////////// Gaza may not be integral part of Israel but our Kashmir IS. That is the difference and that is why the UNO should give ten times more attention to the KASHMIRI HINDUS' right to return to their ancestral homes than to the Palestinians' right to return.///////////// 000000000