Date: 06 Aug 2010


In a message dated 06/08/2010 23:19:52 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: //////////////// A very thought provoking video on brutality against women in Islam!!! Today, on television we saw a beautiful Afghan girl who had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban for running away from her husband, how can they call it a religion? //////////////// The floods in Pakistan are tragic, I hear they now include the Punjab, are any of your friends or family involved? /////////////// ===========================/////////// REPLY: ////////////// There is a movement afoot in USA (they are braver than us over here) to de-classify Islam as a religion but to designate it as an aggressive Ideology. You are quire right, How can such savagery claim to be inspired by Islam unless Islam is the handiwork of Devil? /////////// With regard to the floods in Pakistan your question (are any of your friends or family involved?) is very relevant. ////////// You may have noticed that among the thousands of victims shown on TV screen and in newspapers there is not one a HINDU or SIKH who can be recognized by difference in appearance or clothing. THEY ARE ALL MUSLIMS. ////////////// In 1947 when the British left Pakistan there were up to 40% Hindus and Sikhs in that part of India (before Pakistan was born). WHERE ARE THEY ALL? ////////////// They were all massacred or forced out of their homes to arrive in (what was left of) India as REFUGEES. It was the largest mass migration in history. ("Freedom at Midnight" by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins). /////////////// As a LUCKY survivor of that ISLAMIC Holocaust I can only say to God, "You have punished them after six decades." ///////////// God did hear the cries of the innocent girls and women being raped, the men being hacked to death and families being "roasted" alive in their own homes at that time when the followers of Mohammed took Law & Order in their own hands.//////////// Divine RETRIBUTION is delayed but never canceled. ///////// =========== 000000000