Date: 07 Aug 2010


The Moderate Imam Behind the 'Ground Zero Mosque'///////////// To call someone "moderate Muslim" fits in well with the definition of ISLAM. It is DECEPTION (& SURPRISE ATTACK).//////////// Does Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf read a "moderate" Koran?////////// While reading the word "Kafir" (INFIDEL) in the Koran, does he react, "WHAT NONSENSE! MY DOCTOR IS A KAFIR AND HE IS DAMN GOOD!"////////// When thinking of the bloody surgery of INDIA to take out the "illegitimate child" called (ISLAMIC) PAKISTAN in 1947, does this "moderate Muslim" say, "It was the biggest attack on Secularism and murder of multiculture, and the worst act of TREASON against their own land of birth!" ////////////// When recalling the THREE THOUSAND dead in WTC TOWERS in New York, does he feel like flying to MECCA to launch the project to build PEACE TEMPLE there? Should Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama not have suggested this to him?/////////// If he is a "moderate Muslim" has he ever declared that a Muslim should NOT be allowed to "enslave" more than TWO women to make them his wives?///////////// Does this "moderate SON OF MOHAMMED" ever say that in case of a mixed marriage the Muslim groom ought to embrace the religion of his NON MUSLIM bride instead of converting her to his own crude and primitive 7th. century Ideology of KILLING THE KAFIRS?/////////// Has he apologized or felt disgust at the brutal ISLAMIC conquests of Turkey, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya that were once NON MUSLIM and peaceful countries? ///////////// Will those in the proposed mosque pray in the ENGLISH language or in ARABIC that none understands or speaks in the USA?//////////// Please remember, it is easier NOW to "kill" the Islamic mosque project in New York than later. With each passing day the Muslims will get stronger and the Christians weaker till the latter VANISH like the HINDUS IN KASHMIR, the BUDDHISTS IN AFGHANISTAN, THE CHRISTIANS IN SAUDI ARABIA and the SIKHS IN WEST PUNJAB. The MUSLIM caterpillar goes on eating green leaves till the leaves vanish. ///////////// When did this "moderate" DEVIOUS Muslim say, "To prevent the Hindus from building their ancient Temple in Ayodhya is most un-Islamic."?///////////// When did he express any regret over the insulting and provocative ISLAMIC flag flying in the city where Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Faith, was born? Can't he see that the hurt and provocation among the SIKHS is no less than if his Ka'aba was turned into a Hindu temple in MECCA? ///////////// When did he write to the KING OF Saudi ARABIA to allow a group of Christians from New York to build a church in MECCA? Why should the American people sign their UNCONDITIONAL surrender to the new INVADERS?//////////// Islam is DECEPTION & AGGRESSION. It is an indestructible "murder weapon" created by Mohammed 1400 years ago, to brutalise mankind, produce Jehadis, Al Qaida, the Taliban, the suicide bombers, and turn the humans into beasts. //////////// Islam is not even a religion but a separatist, intolerant, divisive and turbulent political IDEOLOGY. It spreads in the body of a nation like GANGRENE. Eventually the affected limbs have to be cut off (like the five provinces of India accompanied with massacres, abduction, rape, loot and destruction). It can also be compared to CANCER CELLS that reproduce themselves, multiply and finally KILL. One ought to learn from MUTILATED India that gave shelter to the Muslims, only to be cut, chopped and BLED TO DEATH later?/////////// Your "moderate Muslim" will safely advance the cause of Islam in America while his "hard" fellow Muslims will go on KILLING young Britons and Americans in Afghanistan./////////// ===================== /////////// Moderate Muslim? MY FOOT! (What did Mcarthy say about the Reds?) Throw the dust in someone else's eyes. //////////// ============///////// In a message dated 07/08/2010 21:25:53 GMT Standard Time, writes: /////////// Please provide your comments /////////,8599,2008432,00.html ////////// Viewpoint////////// The Moderate Imam Behind the 'Ground Zero Mosque' ////////// 000000000