Date: 07 Aug 2010


Well said! (READ BELOW)///////////// You are correct to begin with the words "congress goons". How true! /////////// First of all we need to AGREE with this description of the rascals who are exploiting Bharat to increase their own stifling stranglehold over Hindusthan and their power over the DEMOLISHED Hindu institutions. They have PROVED to be highly partisan, favoring the FOREIGNERS like Catholics and the MUSLIMS while BASHING the Hindus in every cunning, conceivable and hidden manner. /////////// It is vital for us to understand the nature of these goons and then REJECT all acts, deeds and misdeeds by these "DOGS & BITCHES" who don't mind the ruined Temple in Ayodhya nor the provocative flag of Mohammed over Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib, and who have not erected even ONE tiny memorial to the memory of ALL THE HINDUS exterminated in North Kashmir. ////////// The first and foremost act of High Treason that comes to one's simple mind is the Settlement of Partition. /////////// Was that not bogus? Was it not TREACHEROUS? Was it not undemocratic? Was it not violation of our sacred commitment to Secularism? Was that not anti Hindu? Was that not against the interests of India? Did it not mean the death of "Akhand Bharat" and the utmost humiliation of our MK Gandhi? Did it not expose JL Nehru as the worst traitor in history? ///////////// If the answer is YES to all, then THAT IS OUR STARTING POINT. We must REJECT Partition and demand the trial of NEHRU & GANDHI in absentia. //////////// We, the ENSLAVED people of Bharat, have now woken up and stood up. We now DEMAND to know as to who authorized Nehru to sign off our territory and who was adamant to keep the MUSLIMS back in PARTITIONED India, too, instead of kicking out the "PIGS & TRAITORS. ///////////// If the Partition is not dissolved soon then the HINDUS will keep on diminishing in South Asia till none is left as in LAHORE, North Kashmir and East Bengal. Do we want to DIE? ////////// 7 Aug 10////////// ===============/////////// In a message dated 07/08/2010 11:56:12 GMT Standard Time, writes://///// Following criminal policies of British the congress goons have been taking country to ransom.When they were driven to corner they killed politicians and put emergency in country to cling to power.Over last 60 years they have systematically disintegrated Union of India in various parts and identities by divide and rule.India is a superficial country today.////////// I have been in private sector as well in public sector and has travelled and lived in far flung places in India including Kashmir and Far eastern states.My clear impression is that Kashmir or far east people dont consider themselves as Indian at all.They used to call me 'Videshi Manu' (foreigner) in Assam and nearby states.When questioned they told you are from india.I was not shocked .I could see the third rate policy of Nehru and then Indira.Their sole purpose was to cling to chairs and remain in central power.Unless Nehru family is put on backyard or removed from India and active politics,nothing much is going to change here.This is my considered conclusion.They are a corrupt family.They have no interest in middle class and in India.In other words we are being ruled by foreigners. Sheikh Abdullah too was a foreigner.///////// I talked to several kashmiri people in chandigarh including Hindus and Muslims and even highly qualified girls like doctors.Every one is evasive on being asked if Kashmir is part of India? Most of them told me both India and Pakistan must get out.Why we are spending so much money,lives and efforts? ////////////// Same applies to Pakistan.It has to be broken in 3 parts.Afghanistan also in 3 parts.Pakistan was already broken by creating Bangladesh which was culturally totally different and physically remote too.But inside Pakistan also there are nations which can't live together.If Pakistan breaks down properly and Kashmir is made autonomous area, there is hope for peace in south east asea.There is serious muslim factor too there.//////////// You cant keep fooling yourself for 65 years.Not India but Nehru family wants all to be one and they be their eternal rulers.Man Mohan is nothing but a tail wagger caretaker stooge of Sonia bidding his time and allowing MNCs and capitalists to loot the country.It is unthinkable to make a spent force and so old man prime minister of a country and that too without electroral process and grass root exprience in democratic systems.////////// IndiaFORCE //////////// __._,_.___