Date: 08 Aug 2010


In the text below, there seems to be a false assumption: Please read:////////////// "How can we have another 17 million Muslims added to our population with all the "daggers guns grenades, Mujahideens, Taliban and suicide bombers"?/////////// This is correct if the MAJORITY community are sheep and the MUSLIM MINORITY are all wolves and tigers./////////////// This was actually the case in 1947 when the minority could defeat the majority with UTMOST EASE. Our weakness then was due to debilitating slavery under the Muslims and the Europeans who made sure that we were "soft, timid and compliant" so they could rule and exploit us with impunity . ////////// However the FIRST act of sovereign and independent BHARAT was to bring the HINDU manhood and manliness to a point HIGHER than that of the vicious & violent Muslim minority. //////////// That this was NOT done is due to the crushing and bashing policy and actions of Nehru Dynasty and their Party.//////////// Having understood the ENEMY ON TOP, the Hindus have to decide very quickly on how to get rid of the Crippling Congress and how to INVIGORATE our nation quickly thereafter. /////////// A MANLY HINDU NATION will be the guarantee of Muslims' GOOD BEHAVIOUR. Their atrocious aggressive and violent behavior and threatening posture since 1947 is IN DIRECT RELATION to the Hindu weakness and disunity./////////// It is now up to HINDU LEADERS and all of us, to do the needful. Time is running out. The real litmus test of our manliness will be when the KHANS of Bollywood emigrate to PAKISTAN or when HINDU actors are seen doing love scenes with MUSALMANEE actresses, or when the Temple in Ayodhya is re-built. ///////////// ======= ///////// In a message dated 07/08/2010 23:00:48 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXX.com writes://////// It is very well for us to want to extend our frontiers back to what India would have been, had it not been partitioned. The first question that any Muslim can turn around and ask is this if we cannot keep handful of Kashmiris under check, how can we expect to live in peace, if we have another17 million Muslims added to our population. with all the "daggers guns grenades, Mujahideens, Taliban and suicide bombers"/////////// 000000000