Date: 08 Aug 2010


The Congies & their "Mother" Sonia know exactly what is going on ////////////// Remember the cong party was started by allan octavian Hume, a british civil servant, to control the freedom movement/////////// All the real freedom fighters were tortured and killed while the British sponsored leaders like jinnah, gandhi and nehru were promoted as stars ///////////// They now have another FOREIGNER in power whose job is to dismember india ///////// She is doing a brilliant job of it///////// BTW she and her kids disappeared suddenly saying that her mother was not well-sounds like a fake reason. //////////// looks like something very very imp is cooking///////// Pakistan can never be stable and live as a peaceful neighbour until they fulfil their ultimate aim of establishing Mughal Rule at Delhi.///////// Many of th extremist groups and its leaders have openly expressed this as their objective and Ilyas Kashmiri the most wanted terrorist is creating an armed force with support of ISI within India and its Muslim citizens to be ready for the "D" Day!!////////// Perhaps none of you have seen the so called Popular Front of India- (the extremist Islamic group that chopped off the hand of a Professor for setting a question of Muhammadunder the orders of Shariat Court at Kochi), the rehearsals for the Freedom Parade to be held on Aug.15 at all importnat Centres in Kerala, with cadres in uniform similar to BSF ceremonial parade, marching in full formations with the band leading the March- shown in Kerala TV Channels!! /////////// Literature captured from their offices showed their ultimate objective to captue power at Delhi and as a first step make Kerala a Muslim majority State by 2020 years!! No wonder the CM Achuthanandan expressed his anxiety of the agenda of Muslims as revealed by the CD-s and literature and minutes of the meetings all of which point to capture of power in Kerala in a decade!! ////////// These so called volunteers are regularly trained in use of grenades, firearms and use of grenades as well as guerilla fighting and ISI/LeT regulars are present in Kerala conducting these trainings in the mountanous ranges WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOME MINISTER. Similar training for a month that followed the bomb blasts at Bangalore and other Cities was accepted by Home Minister as ordinary drill whereas many terrorists from all over India- over 100 of them participated in the training conducted by ISI and LeT experts!!///////// ISI has the plans to orgainse the extremists from South and East as they are already doing the same from West and North successfully to destabilise India. //////////// OUR IMBECILE UPA GOVT. SHOULD WAKE UP AND BE FIRM WITH PAK DEMANDS AND A SLOVENLY KRISHNA NOT EVEN ABLE TO RESPOND FLUENTLY TO QURESHY WAS A SORRY FIGURE FOR A COUNTRY LIKE INDIA!! ////////// IF RSS CONDUCTS DRILLS WITH BAMBOO STICKS, IT IS BANNED BY KERALA GOVT.!! //////////// 000000000