Date: 10 Aug 2010


PARTITION OF INDIA. PART 1.//////////// What was that “Independence”? It is time to speak the TRUTH about it. To do so we must dispel the dark clouds of misinformation, brainwashing and falsehood that have gathered overhead and enveloped us for more than six decades. WHAT WAS THE TRUTH ABOUT INDEPENDENCE OF INDIA? //////////// To start with only two thirds of India became independent to be immediately “occupied” by Jawaharlal Nehru and his Congress Party with the help of the despicable “mongrel” camp followers and unscrupulous Hindu stooges. One third of India (five provinces) immediately fell into the bottomless dark hole of Sharia, Koran and ISLAM. Our leaders of all-India stature betrayed them in broad daylight, becoming defeated dwarfs themselves. They could neither defend our much proclaimed “Akhand Bharat” nor their Secularism.////////////// The Muslim attack on Integrity of India was the worst example of high treason against one’s own country of birth and bestiality against one’s own fellow citizens who did not agree with Mohammed’s separatist, destructive and intolerant Ideology.//////////// Whether it was 63 years ago or 630 years on in the future, the FACT of Muslim Deception, Aggression, Fraud and Surprise Attack has been etched deep in the psyche of every Indian and in the memory of the whole world. Is there ANYONE on earth who does not know as to how Pakistan was carved out of the body of India in 1947 by ‘Sword of Islam’?////////// Even after getting nearly one third of India’s territory the Muslims remained in “BRUTAL AGGRESSIVE MODE”, promptly INVADING Kashmir where sad memories of the native Pandits (Hindus) can never fade. /////////////// Their dream of hoisting the ISLAMIC FLAG over DELHI after capturing Lahore flies in the face of Bapu Gandhi’s spineless appeasing policies when he said, “Let them rule India again. And if they kill millions of Hindus they will finally come to their senses and REPENT on realizing their bestiality and monstrosity.” //////////// He went on to say, “One day their conscience will become a serpent to bite them.” ///////////// This attitude of our false “mahatmas” and their followers, amply rewarded the Muslims while MK Gandhi remained a lot more concerned with their safety than with the fate of his fellow Hindus in Pakistan and in his own mutilated, bleeding, Bharat that was no more “Akhand”. ///////////// What hope for a country that still lies buried, deep & lifeless, adoring the DEFEATIST, EMACIATED & APPEASING Gandhi!///////////// Muslims, who had lived in India along with the Hindus since times immemorial, always had DIFFERENT aspirations in mind. First, it was to CONVERT everyone to the Religion of Desert. Then it was to rule Hindusthan, the civilized land of tolerance, applying their savage Sharia Law, imported from the dark 7th. Century Arabia.///////////// Penal Codes all over the world have been amended, changed or reformed while Sharia Law has remained “deep frozen”. It flies in the face of common sense. How does one regard the Law that sanctions “honour KILLING”, that puts TWO women equal to ONE man while giving evidence in court? How does it punish a Momin (Muslim) who abducts or rapes a Kafir’s (Hindu’s) daughter? How does it treat a Hindu whose Muslim wife wishes to go to temple with him and pray to Sri Rama and Sri Krishna?///////////// Pakistanis have been whipped, beaten, thrashed, hanged, abducted, robbed, raped and shot dead in their tens of thousands by their own ISLAMIC rulers and (MUSLIM) fellow citizens, and thousands of “daughters of Mohammed” have been murdered in “honour killing”. ///////////// Hordes of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are fleeing across the world, filling up even Europe & America, taking their mosques, madrassas and suicide bombers with them. How will some countries in Europe and states in the United States of America look when the Muslims attain majority? Go and see Pakistan’s Waziristan, Swat, Baluchistan, Sindh and Karachi. You will find the Taliban claiming to be the BEST Muslims. //////////// All the Indo-Pak dialogues are futile. While the Pakistanis can come into India and are received well and some even marry and stay put, WHICH HINDU WILL VOLUNTARILY TRAVEL TO ANY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC? That is why there should be NO dialogue with the (Muslim) “butchers & wolves” who DETER Hindu immigration in the other direction. Even the CHRISTIANS saw last year how 40 Christian homes were burnt down in Gojra, West Punjab, and seven Christians BURNT ALIVE. //////////// So, who was the ENEMY who ATTACKED India in 1947? After all, India did not break up automatically. It is the dishonesty of her RULERS who do not tell their subjects the Truth about Islam and Partition. Both went hand in hand. /////////// Is the MADNESS of Muslims temporary or permanent? Obviously it is PERMANENT since each and every word and syllable in their KORAN is PERMANENT, unalterable, un-amendable and un-improvable. //////////// We cannot forget Partition since the Muslims stayed back in Broken Bharat, too. Had they been booted out by Congress and Nehru, we would have called it INDEPENDENCE. But now, with the ENEMY to the East and to the West, and also WITHIN, which Hindu can forget Partition while looking forward to our next genocide? /////////////// One ought to recall the Hindu and Sikh REFUGEES of that year, FIFTEEN MILLION of them, whose memory was obliterated within weeks by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his ruling Congress Party. //////////// The betrayed Hindus & Sikhs were forced to throw away the memory of our homes, mandirs, gurdwaras, shops, businesses, factories, farms and lands that we left behind in Pakistan. //////////// As brainwashed morons and obedient slaves we cannot see the difference between Nehru’s own independence (to impose the rule of his dynasty over us in order to perpetuate his Party’s stranglehold on the Hindus) and the Independence of India. //////////// Not one MP or MLA ever asked, “What Independence did Lahore, Multan, Dhaka and Chittagong, and the 15 million refugees, countless grieving WIDOWS & crying ORPHANS, get?” //////////// Anti Hindu rulers do not let anyone ask, “WHY NORTH KASHMIR IS NOT IN INDIA?” Or, “WHY ARTICLE 370 OF CONSTITUTION DOES NOT EXTEND TO THE OTHER STATES?” Or, “WHY THE HINDUS HAD TO FLEE SRINAGAR.” /////////// The enemies of “Akhand Bharat” do not believe in Secularism, Integration or Tolerance at all while a Muslim’s daily routine is Islam, Islam, Koran, Koran, Namaz, Namaz and the dream of VIRGINS, LOOT & MORE LAND at the expense of Kafirs. Like the Mogul executioner who BEHEADED Guru Tegh Bahadur and entombed the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh alive, the present day Muslims, too, are totally INSENSITIVE to the pain and feelings of their VICTIMS. Even in Partitioned India they have the nerve, cheek and gall to OPPOSE the construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. ///////////// When did any Muslim, individual or organization, APOLOGISE for forcibly displacing 15 million Hindus from their homes in 1947, for murdering TWO MILLION innocent people and abducting countless Hindu girls and women, or for destroying every temple across Northern India? ////////////// When did a Muslim reflect on how HE would feel with the STAR OF DAVID, TRISHUL, CROSS or “KHANDA CHAKRA” flying over MECCA as they fly their provocative ISLAMIC flag over Sri NANKANA SAHIB? ////////////// In PARTITIONED India where they should not even be seen, they demand EQUALITY with the Hindus. The present day anti Hindu ruling establishment makes them MORE THAN EQUAL to the rest of us when it comes to reservation of seats & jobs and the Hajj subsidies. //////////// Take family planning. The Muslims are exempt. The Hindus are not. Take the Muslim majority State of Kashmir. Article 370 of Constitution is not applicable to the other states. What a shame that while the Muslims could take out Pakistan the Hindu majority in their own country cannot even expect “Rashtramata” Sonia Gandhi, defence minister AK Antony or the ex President Abdul Kalam to declare in public, “I am a HINDU.” ///////////// Why does the Hindu MAJORITY tolerate our girls being seduced by Muslims and then CONVERTED while they keep their own behind burka, nakab and purdah? //////////// Under Gandhi’s emaciating influence the Hindus are watching helplessly some districts of India become “Islamic” with their own rules that fly in the face of secularism. ///////////// In 1947 our sheepish Hindu leaders not only went along with the MUSLIM “wolves” but even FAILED to think of a single condition before agreeing to surrender one third of India to the so-called INDIGENOUS “devils”. /////////////// On the contrary it was the Muslim MINORITY that first terrorized and numbed our top leaders and then DICTATED their own terms of surrender that we shall presently see (PART 2 below). ///////////// The Muslims had a MAN to speak for them but the Hindus and Sikhs did not even have a “Goat” to represent them. The final verdict was totally one-sided- in favour of the Muslims. //////////// Those who were supposed to defend our rights were in league with the enemy. While claiming to be secular they had no shame and felt no disgust in surrendering Secularism at the feet of Mohammed. Today they sacrifice our NATIONAL pride at the feet of an Italian born female who was never vetted for her loyalty to India or her love of Hindus. //////////// Such glaring betrayal of Secularism and the majority community, who are native to the soil, would be inconceivable anywhere else on earth. //////////// In 1947 the Muslim voice was heard by the whole world loud and clear like thunder while the Hindu voice was suppressed by JL Nehru. It was not heard even as a whisper. The President of “All India MUSLIM League” was invited as chief negotiator to the talks over Partition in full glare of media while his counterpart, the President of “All India HINDU Mahasabha” was nowhere to be seen. //////////// During the previous countless centuries of slavery Hindu POLITICS were reduced to pitiable state of existence- fine-tuned to submission, adjustment, accommodation, appeasement and abject surrenders. With Dignity and Pride lost, there was only one wish left, just to survive. ///////////// In the previous one thousand years not once was there a Hindu ruler in Delhi who could put pride back in the Hindu body. The defeat and exile of the last Mogul Emperor, Mohammed Shah Zafar, in 1857 was immediately followed by British occupation of the entire sub continent. //////////// What was discussed at the so-called “Independence Talks” was less about Independence but all about the creation of Pakistan, a new State, exclusively for the Indian Muslims. ////////// Absurd though the new country was by every yardstick of economy, industry, religion, politics, geography, language, culture, race and religion, the Muslims of India were delighted. They had finished off the Hindus and drastically reduced India in territory for good. ////////// They had been given the choice to stay back or to move to their new country. For the Hindus such a “choice” was theoretical, only on paper. In reality we were going through our own Holocaust in the middle of the 20th century. ////////// Like the Jews under Nazi regime, Hindus and Sikhs were massacred indiscriminately, abused as “Kafirs” (Infidels), our girls were abducted by brutal force and raped. ////// Today Pakistan and Bangladesh are raising tens of millions of brainwashed morons, many potential killers, Jehadis and suicide bombers, who are emigrating from there to spread their Ideology to Bharat and beyond, to Europe and America. ////////////// Having just emerged from the rule of a military dictator and engaged in fighting home grown terrorists and Taliban, all the Pakistanis are asking themselves, “What has gone wrong?” //////////// “What is wrong, you fools, is the absence of HINDU traders, teachers and neighbours, and the “nishkam sewak” all-loving SIKHS, who were like the CEMENT & MORTAR that held the bricks and stones of your house together, who were the bridge between the two major communities in India. ////////////// “Given their absence the bricks and stones of your Islamic house are falling apart and being carried away by violent merciless FLOODS by angry rivers. Expect more assassinations, more bloodshed, more strife and riots, more killings, more abductions, more hijackings, and go on begging to the whole world for food, medicines, shelter and sanity.” ///////////// The Muslims in those breakaway Islamic republics killed the Hindus and demolished the (Sikh) “bridge”. We will watch them PERISH in their own fires. American soldiers (INFIDELS) and MONEY ensure that they do not slit each other’s throats ALL OVER. /////////// The only way out for the wild & murderous “Mohammeds” of the “DROWNING” Pakistan is to UNDO PARTITION and live under ONE secular law across the whole of Hindusthan. ///////////// End of Part 1. =========/////////// 000000000