Date: 11 Aug 2010


PARTITION OF INDIA, Part 2. ///////////// “PANCH SHEEL” OF NEHRU//////////// (FIVE CONDITIONS OF PARTITION)////////// “What were the terms and conditions of Partition?” /////////// We wish there were some, or at least one. Pandit Nehru surrendered PESHAWAR, QUETTA, LAHORE, KARACHI & DHAKA for not even one blade of grass. ////////// At the same time he condemned the non Muslims there to degradation, molestation and DEATH. On the other hand we were repeatedly told that the Muslims were an indigenous community in India, not aliens like the British. /////////// He seemed to be guided by his conscience, telling him, “Jawaharlal, for wealth, power and fame act like Jai Chand who helped Mohammed Ghori kill Prithvi Raj Chohan and conquer Delhi. Hindus will not notice your high treason. They are like the dumb cattle.” Jawaharlal then did act like Jai Chand, following the voice of his conscience. //////////// Unbelievable! Preposterous! How is it possible that it never occurred to him that there were tens of millions of PEOPLE involved with their distinct history, homes, properties, families and places of worship who would all be doomed. Nehru did not possess the slightest sense of patriotism or the least attachment to the core of Hindu religion, i.e., Secularism.//////// He had the same contempt for the natives in his heart as our callous foreign rulers then. He could certainly foresee the wisespread massacres and the tens of millions of refugees fleeing in rags from West to East and from East to West. //////////// Jawaharlal Nehru was a barrister-at-law, not an illiterate toilet cleaner or a road sweeper. But despite his profound knowledge of history and high educational qualifications he did not believe in democracy. He did not ask for Referendum.//////////// At the very moment of signing the surrender of India he was expected to insist on expelling the Muslims, LOCK STOCK & KORAN, from our “decapitated” partitioned Motherland. //////////// There were conditions though not from Nehru or Gandhi but from Mohammed Ali Jinnah, President of “All-India Muslim League”. ///////////// Offensive and preposterous though these conditions were, the ENEMY met with no resistance, fight, or challenge from the MAJORITY community (HINDUS) who were represented by Nehru & Gandhi. //////////// The conditions dictated by Mr. Jinnah were backed and endorsed by Britain, our colonial master, and, (astonishingly) ACCEPTED by our own leaders and the “All-India Congress Party.” ///////////// Demoralised Hindus & “smashed” Sikhs, who had become excessively subservient & slavish due to severe persecution in the previous centuries, held their breath while Mr. Jinnah proclaimed them, one by one. It was like a CAT dictating terms of survival to the MICE, approved by “LION” Mountbatten, the Viceroy, sitting in front of them. //////////// Present day Hindus will be shocked to read the terms (below) but rest assured, they were actually accepted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with great speed and implemented by him with utmost vigour. ///////////// What role did the brave Indian Army generals & “jawans” play to defend every inch of our secular Motherland that was simply surrendered?//////////// The answer is simple: “In the eyes of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his “All-India Congress Party”, they, too, were no more than “dumb cattle.” //////////// ----------------------------- FIVE CONDITIONS OF PARTITION://////// 1. LOCAL (as well as overall) MUSLIM MAJORITY.///////// “Wherever we happen to be in majority that territory will belong to our Rasul Allah Mohammed in perpetuity. You will surrender all that land unconditionally.”///////// “Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru, listening intently.//////// 2. CONSTITUTION////////// “For those territories that you surrender we shall write up and enforce strict ISLAMIC Constitution that shall be based on the teachings of KORAN. We shall treat all the KAFIRS, i.e., Non Muslims, as defined and described there-in.”///////// “Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, trembling while listening. ////////// 3. HOLOCAUST OF HINDUS/////////// We reserve the right to degrade and humiliate the Non Muslims in our ISLAMIC Pakistan by denying them EQUALITY with the Muslims who will be free to seduce, abduct or rape any non Muslim female and if she complains, she will be required to produce FOUR male witnesses to support her accusation. In the case of “mixed” marriages, the non Muslim spouse will embrace Islam or face DEATH.//////// “Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru humbly. ///////////// 4. SPECIAL RIGHTS FOR MUSLIMS IN “BROKEN” BHARAT./////// (“Thou shalt not “touch the whiskers” of a Momin in Hindusthan.”)///////// Your government will undertake to safeguard life and property of each and every Muslim citizen in your Bharat while we reserve the right to do total ethnic cleansing in accordance with the Will of Allah. In cinemas NO Hindu actor will be seen doing any love scene or dance with a Muslim actress while Muslim actors will have full freedom to dance, kiss and play with Hindu actresses.” ///////// “Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray, hurry up. We need to start breathing.” said Gandhi and Nehru, breathing heavily in fear. ////////// 5. TERRITORIAL ENCROACHMENT///////// Finally let it be clear that any territory or piece of land that is once under the foot of Mohammed, or where a Muslim lies buried in grave, will belong to Global Islam in perpetuity. Any territory or land that is once ours will never be returned. Accordingly, not only West and East Pakistan but also any part of Kashmir captured by us will remain ISLAMIC for ever.” /////////// “Yes, Sir, we agree. Thank you,” said Gandhi and Nehru, mighty relieved that the ISLAMIC conditions had ended and they could breathe normally once again. ////////// YES, their lives had been spared though MILLIONS of others lost theirs as a direct result of our leaders “buying peace” from the MUSLIMS. ////////// ----------------------------------------- Dear honorable & patriotic citizens of Bharat, this then is the Truth, nothing else but the TRUTH behind that word “Independence” that the Government of India, especially “All-India Congress Party” and all those who form part of the Evil AXIS of “Italy, Islam & the pseudo-secular servile Hindu” will be celebrating on August 15 next. /////////// It is up to us (and our leaders) to de-brainwash the whole nation. It is up to us to open our eyes and see the Truth. It is up to us to demand a TRIAL of Nehru and Gandhi for HIGH TREASON. Such trial can never be time barred like the trial of “Bofors Chor” (Rajiv Gandhi). //////////// It is up to the PEOPLE of India to unite and then become a MIGHTY FORCE to reckon with. Shedding the guts of jackals but acquiring the courage of lions we all should step forward and exterminate the anti Hindu, anti national “vermin” who have been ruling and fooling our great nation of one billion since the Day of Partition in 1947./////////// =================//////// End of part 2.