Rage, anger, frustration and the MahA Mantra

Date: 11 Aug 2010


Wednesday, August 11, 2010. //////////////// Rage, anger, frustration and the MahA Mantra //////////////// This post is straight from the heart…It has been a very long time since I have felt so overwhelmed with rage, anger, frustration and a feeling of helplessness… //////////// But something tipped over today…/////////// Something tipped over that brought tears in my eyes even before I had my first cup of tea this morning…//////////// Something tipped over that made me type these words even before I had brushed my teeth…///// Something tipped over that made my forget all my pending emails and important calls…////// Something tipped over today…///// Was that something the news about Rs 44crore (almost $10m) stashed abroad by just *18* Indians? Was that something news about a *very high-profile” Indian with assets & cash worth Rs150 crore suspected of terror funding? ////////// Was that something the realisation that the country is being torn asunder by Islamists, “separatists”, “Maoists” and traitors from within? //////// Was that something the realisation that someone being projected as a future PM had not asked even a single question in Parliament yet (and possibly not even spoken on anything)? Was that something the helplessness I felt reading about the public loot in the name of CWG? Was that something a reaction to reading the first-hand account of a “stone-throwing” journalist? Was that something reading about Syed Ali Gilani talking of Muslims in non-Muslim dominated society as being ” fish out of water”? /////// Was that something the seemingly concerted efforts to create monsters where there were none? Was that something the outrage that MJ Akbar talked about some days back? /////// Was that something the gnawing feeling that most of us (in the memorable words of Swapan Dasgupta – “people like us”) simply do not care? /////// Somedays it feels so dark, so lonely and so hopeless…reminded me of a winter morning some months ago…///////// Today is one such day…I need to introspect…and gather my strength again. Today is a day for the Maha-Mantra////////// 000000000