Date: 12 Aug 2010


Letter to BBC ///////////// Dear BBC, /////////// Congratulations to your brave REPORTER who interviewed the head of PAKISTAN TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL and learnt about the massive corruption with regard to previous donations for flood control. 70% of the money collected is said to have ended in the pockets of corrupt rulers. ///////////// Your reporter also interviewed the Pakistani High Commissioner in London while he was traveling by car. The High Commissioner EVADED the issue of corruption but repeated again and again that "We want our WESTERN FRIENDS to help the flood victims." /////////// A question arises in the minds of your viewers and listeners, "WHY WESTERN FRIENDS? WHY NOT MIDDLE EASTERN FRIENDS, the heart & soul of ISLAM?" ///////////// They are FILTHY rich, building mega cities, highest towers and even the replica of Big Ben in Mecca that will be nearly 2000 feet high. Why can't they reach out to their own FELLOW MUSLIMS in need? British tax payers' money does not grow on trees./////////// ////////// 12 Aug 10 =============//////////// COMMENT FROM SOMEONE WHO WITNESSED THE INAUSPICIOUS BIRTH OF PAKISTAN. //////////// IN THESE VERY FLOOD STRICKEN AREAS OF PAKISTAN THERE USED TO BE COUNTLESS HINDU AND SIKH FAMILIES. THEY WENT THROUGH EVEN WORSE HORRORS THAN MERELY DROWNING. THEY WERE BUTCHERED IN COLD BLOOD, THEIR DAUGHTERS ABDUCTED AND GANG RAPED AND THEIR WOMENFOLK STRIPPED NAKED AND THEN MARCHED THROUGH TOWNS TO DRUMBEAT. MILLIONS OF CRYING AND WEEPING WIDOWS MANAGED TO BRING THEIR CHILDREN TO SAFETY EAST OF WAGAH. AT THAT TIME WE ALL PRAYED TO GOD, "SMITE THEM HARD."//////// JUSTICE IS DELAYED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN BY GOD.///////////// THANK GOD, NOW I SEE THEM PERISHING, TOO. MOHAMMED IS NOT ABLE TO RESCUE THEM. THEY ARE BEGGING FOR FOOD AND TENTS AND MEDICINES FROM THE KAFIRS AND INFIDELS. WHAT A CERTIFICATE ON MOHAMMED HIMSELF! ////////////// ===============///////////// ANOTHER COMMENT FROM A PATRIOT. ////////////// Not a single rupee from any true Indian or India should go Porkistan. While the flood is destroying Porkistan, they still sending terrorists everyday in India and Paki Rangers firings at the Indian posts killing our guards such is their mentality. Besides, 70% of the donations will be nicked by those scoundrels anyway. We need to be strong with rogues and enemies. An enemy is a enemy only, show no mercy. ///////////////// ================= 000000000