Date: 13 Aug 2010


In a message dated 13/08/2010, xxxxxxxxx.com writes:///////////// How arrogant, shameless and brainless this government is evident from the fact that MM singh continues to neglect and overlook overheated property market in India which has already crossed 600% price level since he first took over as PM./////////// The current surge of property in Mumbai thanks to newly rich firms like Indiabulls making huge property deals and then consequent price rise in Bombay Dyeing ,Raymonds and others sahre prices is not because of enterprise and industry working but real estate encashment and loot and plunder going on in country.//////////// The property rate of Rs 70000 sq ft are phenomenal and absurd rates in Mumbai.India today has most costly real estate in world for a country with 50% hungry and naked Indians.////////// This corrupt and rotten UPA government should be thrown out as early as possible.They are on a path of self destruction for India as huge problems will come up soon in society.////////// Most amazing is continuous run of capitalist and money mongers supported by MM Singh who claims to be an expert.Not a single ratio of in indiais sensible and as per GDP rates and other such measures. ////////// This UPA government is sold to MNCs and capitalist for organised loot in country.See how they are making money in CWG. /////////// It is time to catch these corrupt people,confiscate their properties and put them to open public trial for their sins and anti national activities.One can hardly expect better from this corrupt family run congress party.////////// (Name supplied) 000000000