Date: 17 Aug 2010


The Sunday Telegraph, Aug 15, 2010. p. 22. Comment & Analysis/////// “Pakistan suffers- but our wallets remain closed.”////////// By ALASDAIR PALMER. /////////// Sir,////////// There is a fundamental reason why people have turned away from Pakistan even in this hour of tragedy. ////////////// Firstly the Pakistanis killed and maimed scores of innocent Britons in bombings in England in 2005. People’s memory is not so short. ///////////// Secondly as our prime ministers have said more than once that Pakistan is training terrorists and sending them to this country (Great Britain) to kill and destroy. //////////// Thirdly, Pakistan is providing shelter and support to the Taliban and Al Qaida who are fighting & killing our troops in Afghanistan. How safe is life in general and of the non Muslims in particular in that country? We still remember the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl, an unarmed reporter! ///////////// Fourthly, Pakistan has produced no industry or viable economy in the last 63 years but only “exported” millions of unskilled and unemployed young men to the West to hunt for jobs and girls, while back home military has ruled most of the time, driving this Muslim nation by stick and gun. //////////// Last but not the least we ought to look at the very birth of Pakistan in 1947. The Indian Muslims created this Islamic homeland due to extreme hatred for secularism, tolerance, women's dignity and democracy. //////////// Pakistan was born in violence and carried out complete ethnic cleansing of her Hindus and Sikhs. World War 2 that was fought to defend human freedoms and equality had ended two year earlier. Yet the Muslims remained in the mould of the 7th century Arabia as fanatic, bigoted and brutal people worse than Hitler as far as the non Muslims were concerned. //////////// In their newly created ISLAMIC state the Pakistanis went berserk in killing, looting, abducting and raping until the minorities were reduced to practically zero per cent. ///////////// More than 15 million people were forced out of their homes. Many perished along the way in a manner more gruesome than just drowning in flowing water. AT LEAST THE WATERS DO NOT ABDUCT AND RAPE GIRLS NOT HACK MEN TO DEATH IN FRONT OF THEIR FAMILIES. What the Pakistanis did to their non Muslim population was umpteen times more savage and inhuman than what the floods have done. At least the flood waters did not specifically pick out the Infidels (Kafirs) only. ////////// There were tens of thousands of soldiers who had returned from all the theatres of World War 2 to their homes in West Punjab. Suddenly they were being hunted & killed by Muslim mobs in broad daylight, their homes set on fire, their sisters raped, often in front of their parents, and the survivors making for India for safety. /////////// The world has not bothered to realise the anguish and anger that the birth of Pakistan caused in TENS OF MILLIONS of us whose birthplaces are now under the obscene and provocative flag of Mohammed in that ISLAMIC republic while the rest of India is secular. ////////// After her "illegitimate" birth Pakistan straightaway invaded Kashmir instead of concentrating upon economic and industrial recovery. She has spent much energy in training and sending terrorists to India and the West instead of constructing dams that could have saved their country now. /////////// For these reasons I haven’t opened my valet, either. ///////////// Pakistan has always been ruled by thoroughly corrupt officials in a feudal set up where the money is more likely to end up in the pockets of ministers than reach those dying of hunger. Do we know how many TRILLIONS of dollars the west has sent to her since 1947? The result is before our eyes. ////////// The previous colonial power used to bribe the wild tribal chiefs in North West Frontier Province to "buy" peace. We better keep doing the same unless we want them to export more terrorists to the United Kingdom and finally drop a nuclear device on New Delhi. /////////// 17 August 2010./////////////// ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH IN PLANE CRACH OF PRESIDENT ZIA UL HAQ OF PAKISTAN. THOSE WHO RAM ISLAM DOWN THE OTHERS' THROATS TOO MUCH MEET WITH SUCH AN END. ==================== 000000000