Date: 19 Aug 2010


DIVINE RETRIBUTION. /////////////// Appeals are going out for flood aid to Pakistan but one should ask, ///////////// 1. WHY IS PAKISTAN "ISLAMIC"? //////////// WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING SECULAR, ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE CAME OUT OF THE BODY OF INDIA (LIBERAL, SECULAR, TOLERANT, CIVILISED, "HINDUSTAN")? ///////////// They did "behave" quite well till 1947 so long as the British were ruling the sub continent. ///////// 2. HOW DID ISLAM LAND IN LAHORE THAT IS SACRED TO THE SIKHS AND IN MULTAN THAT IS SACRED TO THE HINDUS, EVEN IN PESHAWAR & BAMYAN THAT ARE SACRED TO THE BUDDHISTS? //////////// 3. What is wrong with letting the 15 MILLION Hindu / Sikh refugees of 1947 return and recover their lands, farms and houses that they were forced to leave behind in Pakistan? ISN'T THIS WHAT THE ARABS AND ALL THE PAKISTANIS ARE ASKING ISRAEL TO DO IN CASE OF THE PALESTINIAN REFUGEES? //////////// 4. PAKISTAN WILL NOT BE STRUCK BY WRATH OF ALLAH IF SHE "DUMPS" HER ISLAM, SENDS THE KORAN UP HER ......( ATTIC), OR KEEPS IT INDOORS LIKE THE REST OF THE CIVILISED WORLD. ////////////// Alien Islam is not part of her historic native INDIAN genetic and mental make up. Ideological slavery of the Arabs is far worse than the political slavery under the British. /////////// 5. GREAT BRITAIN, EUROPE, JAPAN AND AMERICA ARE SECULAR and by Islamic definition KAFIR (INFIDEL). SO HOW SHAMELESS ARE THE PAKISTANI MUSLIM LEADERS WHO ARE APPEALING AND BEGGING OF THEM AND OTHER NON MUSLIM COUNTRIES FOR HELP AND AID WHEN THEY WILL RESUME THEIR GLOBAL JEHAD AGAINST THEM ONCE THE WATERS RECEDE? /////////// And what will they do then? OPEN MORE “MADRASSAS”, INCREASE FUNDAMENTALISM, FANATICISM AND TERRORISM, AND FINALLY, DROP THE NUCLEAR BOMB ON INDIA? /////////// 6. HOW MANY NON MUSLIMS HAVE SURVIVED IN PAKISTAN SINCE 1947 WHEN THEY WERE CLOSE TO 49 PER CENT AT SOME PLACES? IN LAHORE 75 % OF THE RESIDENTS WERE NON MUSLIM IN 1947. //////// 7. Should Pakistan not ask ONLY the fifty-seven ISLAMIC REPUBLICS to come to her aid? Even ONE of them, Saudi Arabia, has enough wealth to provide financial aid to Pakistan at the scale of MARSHAL PLAN (1947-51). ////////////// 8. INDIA'S TRADITIONAL RECRUITING GROUND OBLITERATED //////////// World War 2 was fought for liberty, equality and freedom of all people. Tens of thousands of Hindu and SIKH soldiers were recruited from the same areas that two years later were captured by fundamentalist, intolerant, murderous ISLAM in order to create PAKISTAN. /////////// After the end of World War 2 the demobilised soldiers came back to their families but soon saw their lands, towns and villages under murderous attacks by MOHAMMEDAN mobs who looted, burned and killed. NEHRU & GANDHI had surrendered our part of India to the bloodthirsty "WOLVES". Their Islam was much worse than NAZISM. ////////// Our brave soldiers had fought and overcome the brutal NAZI regime only to be delivered to the ISLAMIC JINN soon after their return from overseas. These same soldiers and their families were caught in the intolerant and violent frenzy of Islam, facing death and exile. For the crime of being non Muslim they were massacred, their women abducted and raped, their homes looted and set on fire and they were forced to flee. //////////// That unconditional surrender, humiliation and shameful retreat were like the evacuation of the Allied soldiers from Dunkirk (June 1940) and the fall of Singapore (February 1942). Our brave Jawans, now fleeing for life, were NOT on Nehru's or UNO's mind. ////////// These brave ex servicemen, many of them in their 20’s and 30’s and holders of gallantry awards, had to join the millions of others migrating to India with no belongings or money. Britain had used them to defend her empire from Hitler but delivered them to an even worse DEVIL. A worst treachery, treason and betrayal of friends cannot be imagined. //////////// These are the SAME areas of Pakistan, where that orgy of MURDER, RAPE AND MAYHEM took place in 1947, that are now (August 2010) under deep waters. One can truly shout, “GOD IS GREAT!” or ”ALLAH HU AKBAR!” ////////// We should say, ////////// “GO AWAY, MOHAMED, WITH YOUR BEGGING BOWL. YOUR TEACHINGS INSPIRED PAKISTANIS TO REJECT THEIR MOTHER (INDIA). YOU LOOK VERY FOOLISH & DISHONORABLE TO THE WHOLE WORLD NOW. ” ////////// The world should shout, "You PAKISTANIS put KORAN in politics, adored the ARABS but slaughtered your own non Muslim neighbors. So, “GO away with your begging bowl. Tell the world of your HIGH TREASON and BRUTAL ETHNIC CLEANSING when you kicked SECULARISM and INDIA in the teeth, and went your separate way, looking towards Mecca. ///////////// You partitioned not only India but also the whole Muslim community of the sub continent. All of them connected by blood bonds, roots, religion, mentality and history, have become restless "orphaned" Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and "Indian" Muslims. ///////////// Inferiority complex ridden schizophrenic children of Hindusthan (HINDU BLOOD BUT ARAB MENTALITY) ran away to adopt ARAB parents to look towards Mecca while praying. What has happened now? //////////// FAILED STATE “PAKISTAN” IS DYING. //////////// 19 August 2010////////// ======================= 000000000