Date: 20 Aug 2010


There is NO plus, only MINUS re: the mosque in New York.////////////// Before we proceed any further, we need to discover Islam, not from the mouth of Muslims and not from books or TV programmes.////////// We need to see its core doctrine and then its BEHAVIOUR & conduct across the world and through centuries.////////// We will conclude, ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A WAR MONGERING INTOLERANT AGGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY WITH INNER URGE TO JEHAD.//////////// ITS CORE INSPIRATION (INSTIGATION) is to GRAB MORE AND MORE LAND and to procreate at alarmingly disproportionate higher rate.//////////// In intolerance of NON Muslims Mohammed was as bad as Hitler. Muslims, in the name of "merciful" Allah have KILLED more people on earth than those killed in two World Wars. /////////////// Islam is MILITARIST in practice. See the ALL-MALE mosques. See the suicide bombers who do not care for their own young families but KILL the others. //////////// America is PRIME TARGET for entry, expansion, confrontation and then riots and civil war because it is super power. In a jungle when you kill the lion, the other animals are you easy prey. After America is SUBDUED, the conquest of the rest of the world will proceed smoothly. /////////////// HENCE NOT AN INCH OF TERRITORY TO THE MUSLIMS in the USA..////////// President Obama, being the son of a Muslim, has core loyalty to ISLAM. ///////////// All civil unrest, PROVOCATION and confrontation begins as soon as the Muslims arrive in a country. ///////////// Americans ought to OUST Islam before more damage & losses are received. ////////// The need of the hour is dire: ///////// EITHER YOU PUSH THEM OUT OR THEY WILL EXTERMINATE YOU ON YOUR OWN HOMEGROUND. Ask the HINDUS in Pakistan.//////////// ================= 000000000