Date: 21 Aug 2010


Disgrace of a Slavish Nation named India///////////// ========================================== Rajiv Gandhi, Ministry of Food Processing and a sense of history ///////// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rajiv Gandhi, Ministry of Food Processing and a sense of history /////////// Posted: 20 Aug 2010 03:01 PM PDT //////////// I woke up yesterday morning to pictures of a beaming Rajiv Gandhi from the pages of various newspapers*, extolling his “greatness” and remembering his “quotes”. ToI had a full page ad, no less, sponsored by the Ministry for Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) (don’t ask me what connection MoFPI has with Rajiv Gandhi).//////////// Does no one remember his tenure? or are we collectively choosing amnesia over hard reality? //////////// As a Prime Minister, he lacked vision, came to power completely by accident, was more of a “reluctant leader” than anyone I can think of and will forever be remembered for Bofors, Bhopal, Shah Bano & setting the stage for Mandal (and before anyone shouts “economic reforms”, pause and think PV Narasimha Rao)./////////// Oh, and guess who ordered the locks on Babri structure to be removed? /////////// Image courtesy: Congress(I)’s website ////////////////// I am constantly surprised (and saddened) to realise how little sense of history we have…Guess that also explains why the “Rajiv Gandhi” fan page on Facebook has close to 5000 members. /////////////////// Bonus: Do read Vir Sanghvi on the “original” RG./////////////// P.S. The prize for sycophancy should probably go to Outlook which noted that “The nation today fondly remembered former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 66th birth anniversary“. //////////////// * I checked at least three newspapers and they all had at least 2-3 ads by various ministries/organisations (ToI had 4, I think) “remembering” him on his 66th birth anniversary. Guess who pays for all this?/////////////// 000000000