Date: 21 Aug 2010


Since America historically is isolated from Europe and Asia, most people there are too ignorant, lazy or unconcerned about the performance of ISLAM elsewhere. ////////////// To the INDIGENOUS Iranians (ZOROASTRIANS), INDIGENOUS Indians (HINDUS) and the INDIGENOUS Afghans (Buddhists), Islam is a bloodthirsty BEAST that wiped them out in the most horrendous manner. /////////////// The brutal ethnic cleansing during the birth of the "bastard" State called Pakistan during 1947 and the savage TURKISH invasion of Cyprus in 1974 are still in living memory. But the memory of savage TURKISH occupation and treatment of Christians would be faint among the Spaniards, Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians and so on who GOT RID OF ISLAM after centuries of struggle. /////////////// The Americans do not share this experience, or hindsight, of the rest of the world with regard to Islam. Hence they find Islam a cuddly lovable thing. //////////// You also have "moderate" and "good" Muslims plus the media women, and the President's men, who are trying to show Islam to be agreeable and nice. They are simply misleading and FOOLING the rest by trying to prove that mud that looks like cake is edible. //////////// But ask the Americans who are in ISLAMIC lands, who can see Islam at close hand, who are wiser. ///////////// Ask the journalists, who can "relate" to fellow journalist DANIEL PEARL as to how peaceful Islam is. //////////// The future course of history in America may take either of the following courses- ////////////// COURSE A. Islam will go on increasing rapidly till it acquires clout and shows its true colours and rubs violently on the others as is the case in INDIA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, WESTERN CHINA, SOUTHERN RUSSIA, SUDAN and so on. Then the result will be partition or civil war. //////////// COURSE B: The Americans will understand & realise that Mohammed of Mecca was the ancestor of HITLER of Germany, and Islam is nothing but DECEPTION, FRAUD & SURPRISE ATTACK, like NAZISM, and then unite and EJECT Islam immediately. ////////////// I personally prefer course B. Hitler should have been eliminated on September 2, 1939, but not in 1944 when the plot FAILED and scores of best German patriots were EXECUTED by firing squads. ///////////////////// MUSLIMS AMONG THEMSELVES (Islam being a religion of peace): http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article576711.ece//////////////// 000000000