Date: 22 Aug 2010


A church in America has decided to BURN KORAN calling it the Book of DEVIL that inspired the murder of 3000 INNOCENT AMERICANS working in World Trade Towers on Sep 11, 2001. Please see all the URL's below. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Americans do remember their dead. Don't they? What about us Indians? We seem to remember only the GANDHIS (30 Jan 48, 31 Oct 84 and 21 May 91) and Bandit NEHRU (27 May 64) when the entire Lok Sabha of Partitioned Indian Secular State is moved to tears.. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now spare a thought for the "SMASHED & TRUNCATED" Hindusthan, trembling in TERROR of ISLAM where the idea of commemorating the DEAD OF 1947 is enough to stop the heart beat of many stalwarts and "desh bhagats". They were not 3,000 in number as in New York but TWO MILLION. \\\\\\\\\\\\ And while the surprise ATTACK on America, ferocious as it was, did not capture an INCH OF TERRITORY of Uncle Sam nor send 15 MILLION Americans RUN FOR LIFE to save their lives, leaving all belongings behind. During the attack on America not a single girl was abducted or RAPED as compared to the ATTACK BY MUSLIMS on India where THOUSANDS of girls were abducted and raped some in front of their parents and siblings. Hundreds of thousands of HINDU WIDOWS and ORPHANS lived till their last days CURSING INTOLERANT Mohammed who raised the Army of MURDER, PLUNDER and RAPE, and his divisive BOOK ("Momin vs. Infidel"), the Koran, that inspired SEPARATISM and INTOLERANCE and indoctrinated the Muslims in the peaceful, gentle and tolerant land called HINDUSTHAN, to attack their own land of birth instead of defending it. Those two million whom they MASSACRED were their own FELLOW CITIZENS. \\\\\\\\\\\ Americans have thought long and hard on the Ideology of Islam. It is certainly without mercy on the others but also shameless as we see them begging and appealing for aid to FLOOD VICTIMS from the CHRISTIAN WEST and THE BUDDHIST JAPAN instead of turning to all the Muslim OIL RICH Arab countries. One must ask, "How safe will the Christians in America and the Buddhists in Japan be on the day the MUSLIMS become 51% of population there? \\\\\\\\\\\ One does not have to search much for the answers. Just LOOK AT HINDU INDIA, broken with utmost VULGARITY into three parts: Bangladesh, starving and famished but not willing to join MOTHER (India) from which it sprang out in 1947 and again in 1972. Obviously the Muslim TREASON is perpetual. Hence a Muslim cannot be trusted to be loyal in a non Muslim country (the West and the East). Those who trust like the HINDUS will have their own throats cut and girls abducted and raped. Pakistan, too, drowning in the waters of ANGRY rivers will rather live on handouts by CHRISTIAN West and Europe rather than putting SECULARISM above their DEVIL'S FAITH in order to rejoin INDIA thus ending the Kashmir DISPUTE, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But NO. Pakistan will stay SEPARATE and keep on instigating the Kashmiri Muslims to revolt for ever. What economic progress can one expect from such MUSLIM countries. To hide their own SHAME and to cover up their own FAILURES they will blame the Hindus, the Christians, the Jews and anybody else who does not accept Mohammed as a good man of peace. \\\\\\\\\\\\ So the HINDUS need to look at the KORAN BURNING in a different way, in the light of their own experience with Islam. We believe the Hindus have the LONGEST experience of this "Kafir killing BEAST" but our guts are so dried up that we cannot even educate or warn the others nor dare to remember our OWN DEAD. Don't we hold WORLD RECORD in the number SLAIN, SLAUGHTERED, RAPED & CONVERTED (AND DEGRADED) by the Muslims? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 22 Aug 10 ======== \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ Can we blame the Americans who say, "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE."? \\\\\\\\\\ ---------------------------------------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MUSLIMS AMONG THEMSELVES (Islam being a religion of peace): \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ================================== 000000000