Date: 22 Aug 2010


People ought to learn more about the history and DEEDS of Islam through CENTURIES. At one time there was not ONE Mohammed in India. Today they have carved out one third of India to call it ISLAMIC Pakistan, and also stayed back with mosques, propaganda, abducted and converted HINDU grils and extensive intimidation and brainwashing in the remaining reduced India, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ THAT is the scenario that an average liberal American must weigh up in his mind. Islam will only spread and spread LEGALLY like the NAZI party in Germany till they become "MAN EATERS FROM MECCA". \\\\\\\\\\\ With each passing day the beast ("wolf") is becoming stronger while the average AMERICAN ("goat") is becoming WEAKER. Therefore, the Americans must know WHEN TO ACT. \\\\\\\\\\\ For God's sake LEARN from the sad fate of HINDUSTHAN that loved and trusted. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 22 Aug 10\\\\\\\\ PS: Question for the Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan: "How many temples (mandirs & gurdwaras), synagogues and churches can we see in Arabia WHERE MOHAMMED WAS BORN?" If the answer is NONE, then America must KICK YOU OUT right now with all your mosques and Koran. ==========\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 22/08/2010 11:27:05 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXX.com writes: Tolerance is not a two way street or not a positive virtue. Our Democracy itself is founded on the belief that our vigorous debate there can emerge vital new ideas, or of ideas presented in clearer form. Islam forbids democracy, free thinking, coexistence, pluralism and freedom of choice which are critical for promoting democracy. Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero will not teach our democratic values, cultural pluralism, freedom and positive values. Instead a Mosque is to promote Islamic dogma, closed channel thinking and violence against infidels. In brief, Islam does not attempt to lay the foundation of democracy and liberty. It holds that scientific knowledge as well as the means of obtaining it, are fallible and open to errors. Islam only recognizes the erroneous and irrational ideas of Mohammed who lived in Saudi Arabia during the sixth century. Muslims claim that Islam has all the answers for the past, present and future. Do we need a mega Mosque at Ground Zero to preach irrational ideas and contradictory concepts against our values, democracy and constitutional principles? \\\\\\\\\\\\ A mega Mosque at Ground Zero for any reason will not promote Democracy, pursuit of liberty, or introduce citizens to the complex interplay of biological-psychological-and spiritual factors that find expression in marvels of humanity. Islamo Fascists and their cohorts who want to construct a Mosque cannot invoke tolerance, and legal rights which Muslims deny to infidels in all Islamic countries. In this context freedom loving people must unite and oppose the Mosque at Ground Zero rather than living under Islamic tyranny later. We should not allow Islamists who oppose tolerance to invoke tolerance to introduce intolerant Islam in our country.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ =======\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000