Date: 23 Aug 2010


BEFORE I GIVE A PENNY, I WILL ASK, "WHY IS PAKISTAN ISLAMIC?" WHY SHE, A CHILD BORN OF BELLY OF HINDUSTHAN, A WILLING CONCUBINE OF ARABIA? HAS SHE NO SELF ESTEEM? \\\\\\\\\ SECONDLY, IT IS NOW THE MUSLIM PROFESSION. TO LIVE ON AID, HAND OUTS AND GRANTS. WHEN DID A NON MUSLIM COUNTRY STRETCH OUT THE HAND TO BEG OF A MUSLIM COUNTRY? GIVE ONE EXAMPLE. MUSLIMS ARE KAFIR KILLERS BY IDEOLOGY. YET THEY BEG OF KAFIRS FOR MONEY. SO, BEFORE YOU PART WITH A PENNY, ASK PAKISTAN, "WHY (THE HELL) ARE YOU ISLAMIC REPUBLIC?" WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING A PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC?"\\\\\\\\\ DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN. GIVEN THEIR RATE OF GROWTH, LAZINESS AND ILLITERACY, NEXT YEAR THERE WILL BE MORE HUNGRY MUSLIM MOUTHS FOR THE WORLD TO FEED.\\\\\\\\\\ ============== MUSLIM LOGIC AT WORK HERE.\\\\\\\\\\ It is the donors who need to be vigilant. They should have known and should KNOW that ISLAM IS NOTHING BUT FRAUD & DECEPTION AND JIHAD. \\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims are most dishonorable people on earth. They are brainwashed and programmed to KILL, CONVERT or SLAUGHTER the Infidels yet have NO shame to beg of the same INFIDELS. With the slightest decently they would gone off to 57 ISLAMIC republics with their BEGGIN BOWL marked MOHAMMED. \\\\\\\\\\ And even if you pump in millions or trillions like MARSHAL AID to Germany, what will happen? \\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, 80 % of all money will end up in the pockets of CORRUPT Mohameds. Secondly, given the CULTURE of Namaz and Jehad and woman beating, there will be NOTHING to export or earn money. They will BEG for more money to pay the INTEREST ALONE. Eventually they will turn around and say, SORRY WE CANNOT PAY. What will You and I and the UNO do then?\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Those who donated to a MUSLIM did so out of ignorance or STUPIDITY and that includes the biggest INFIDELS, the Americans. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In case of Pakistan where MILITARY ruled with gun and whip and "drove" the MUSLIM "CATTLE" for 35 years there is another question, \\\\\\\\\\\\ "Did monsoon floods HIT YOU for the first time in history?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the last 63 years since the British gave you Pakistan on a platter, you could have built dams on every river and controlled the water flow instead of learning the Koran by rote, carrying out raids into India and doing Namaz umpteen times a day. \\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000